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This thread is reserved for a PRE-nightly build of CyanogenMod Rom for Samsung Mesmerize and Showcase. The code for these devices has been merged with mainline CyanogenMod but has not been added to the build-bot yet. Obviously, ignore the bits about Rom Manager and such below (until that has been done), there is a link for the ROM at the bottom. I just copypasta'd this post from my other thread ;p

All Samsung Roms run on top of BML/RFS, CyanogenMod 7 does NOT.

It runs on MTD/yaffs2 (like Nexus One) which means you'll not able to flash just any kernel or run just any other filesystem you want. Use it as it is if possible, otherwise confirm with the kernel developer that you are trying to install whether it would work with CM. We do not support other kernels and know nothing about their capabilities or compatibility. Only the data partition, which is on movinand, is ext4 like on speedmod or voodoo ("lagfix"). No "lagfix" is necessary because this does not use any Samsung proprietary file systems.

CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

<br />
** These CyanogenMod builds are highly experimental and unsupported.<br />
**<br />
** Please refrain from submitting bug reports for any issues<br />
** you may encounter while running one of these builds.<br />
**<br />
** Submitting bug reports on nightly builds is the leading <br />
** cause of male impotence.<br />
What are Nightly builds? Auto compiled build of the latest CyanogenMod source from github. This version changes each night and aren't officially supported.
If you find bugs/issues you can/must discuss here (do not submit nightlies bugs on CyanogenMod issue tracker).

Warning : Not for new users, flash this build only if you know what you are doing!!! Make SURE you can get into Download mode using only buttons (no other method, Download mode from just buttons is essential).


Latest version: or (for when nightlies are working normally) - USE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST
Check the md5sum if you want to be sure that the download worked (different OSes have different programs that do md5, on ubuntu it is md5sum that you run against the zip you download and compare to the md5sum number shown on the download website). ROMManager does this automatically for ROMs you download via ROMManager.

- First time flashing CM 7 to your Mesmerize / Showcase (or coming from another ROM)?

  1. Start with a rooted device (do not ask us how to do this).
  2. Flash ClockworkMod Recovery linked at the bottom of this post.
  3. Download and push the ROM zip file to the sdcard.
  4. Reboot into recovery.
  5. Do a Nandroid Backup!
  6. Wipe Data! Seriously! Do it!
  7. Install the ROM zip from sdcard
  8. Install gapps package linked below.

- Upgrading from earlier CM7?

ROM Manager method:
  1. Install ROMManager Premium.
  2. Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. Pick Mesmerize / Showcase (MTD). Then pick ClockwordMod 3.x.
  3. Choose Download ROMs.
  4. Pick the CyanogenMod Nightlies.
  5. Check the Google Apps addon.
  6. Check Backup current ROM!
  7. Check wipe cache, dalvik cache.
  8. Let ROMManager finish the installation.

Clockwork Mod method:

  1. Download and push the ROM zip file to the sdcard.
  2. Reboot into recovery.
  3. Do a Nandroid Backup!
  4. Install the ROM zip from sdcard (your Google apps will be backed up automatically)

There are no Google Apps bundled with CM ROMs, because Google asked Cyanogen to remove copyrighted apps. After flashing the rom, don't forget to flash Google Addon package if you want it. ROM Manager will allow you to flash it if you just go into it and after flashing the ClockworkMod recovery for Mesmerize / Showcase (MTD), choose Download ROMs, and pick Google Apps. Or download and push the gapps zip for CM7 from to the sdcard and flash it via ClockworkMod recovery.

- Going to another ROM from CM7?

You must flash a full Odin package with PIT, and make sure to check "repartition". This will convert your filesystems back to BML/RFS. You will now need to re-root your device, install recovery, etc to flash other ROMs. Do not ask here how to do this.

Please visit the CyanogenMod Wiki for step-by-step installation walkthroughs and tons of other useful information.

atin -
codeworkx -
coolya -
guiperpt -
unhelpful -
jt1134 -

Generic Changelog CMSRC Twitter Device Changelog

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in helping with testing, coding, debugging and documenting! Enjoy!

Odin/Heimdall flashable recovery: - 08/29 ROM (Mesmerize) - 08/29 ROM (Showcase)

678 Posts
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add144 said:
I assume one of those links is suppose to be for the Mesmerize and the other for the Showcase? Because both are Mesmerize :p
Fixed. Though those links don't work right now anyways >;D

Actual links are at the bottom of the OP until these devices get added to the build-bot.

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scarmon25 said:
It didn't for me either. I just used JTs updated kernel from ROM manager and the BLN app. If that's what you're doing then sorry for the misunderstanding
Ok so apparently the built in kernel does not support BLN however the stand alone kernel does. Just a heads up for anyone interested.

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"akellar said:
Ok so apparently the built in kernel does not support BLN however the stand alone kernel does. Just a heads up for anyone interested.
Correct. Kernel features that require an external app (besides voodoo sound) are excluded from the stock cm kernel.
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