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[AOSP]LiquidMetal for the Incredible

First I need to thank Jermaine151 for allowing me (to attempt) to continue his work on the LiquidMetal For the Incredible port. Which goes to say I have to thank BigRushDog for his ROCK SOLID Metal build that the RC1 for the Incredible was based off of. I would like to also thank Sac23 and bmxerkid954 for allowing me to use their work and port their build to the Incredible, and were used for Jermaine151's previous versions of this rom. BIG thanks to Koush and the Cyanogen tam for their CM6 files and all they do. Thanks to Koush for his kernel and too many contributions to name. A thanks to gmichaelow for answering questions asked by Jermaine151. A special thanks to Incredibledoes for the original Liquid port. Thanks to jrummy for his ROM Toolbox (look into the donate version.) A thanks to 3MX10 for helping me out with all my stupid questions and helping me pick up where Jermaine151 left off. A special thanks to ALL the testers that have been involved with this project (before or now) for their time and trust that their phones wouldnt get bricked.

If i forgot anyone, it wasn't intentional. PM me and i will update this (this was based off Jermaine151's thread on XDA).

BigRushDog's thread-
Sac23 and bmxerkid954's thread-
Jermaine151's thread-

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This ROM is based on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and is built from the Android Open Source Project Code (AOSP) With the Acer Liquid Metal UI on top. (continuing where Jermaine151 left off)

*This rom was not intended for the INC, it is a port and has bugs; it is built off the Metal base. Close to it original source code, just modified for the your phone*

-Proximity Sensor doesn't turn the screen off immediately, but prevents buttons from being pressed when the phones against your face and eventually does turn the screen off. (Works perfectly on LiquidLight)
-Location and Security FC's (Crazy workaround: Rename Phone.apk to Phone.apk.bak, reboot, go intomenu and make changes, rename back and reboot - thanks iceman99393)
-No LEDs for notifications (I'll see what I can do. Any help is appreciated)
-LED flashes orange when charging and turns solid orange when fully charged
-No TV Out
-Changing the Dolby Mobile settings could throw you for a loop.
-CarHome doesn't play nice and will not be included.
-Light sensor (Rom includes Brightness widget)

PLEASE READ - Tips & Tricks:

-To Drag Icons to Other Screens Faster
Drag the icon to the numbers at the bottom of the app drawer

-To Dial *228 for Activation or PRL update (*228 FC's on some AOSP roms)
Dial *228+ (long press the numeral zero key to add the plus sign)

-To Hide the Whole Dock or Half of it
Drag ALL of your icons for the launcher into the app drawer and the notification bar will rest at the bottom of the screen.
Leave just 4 icons in the top row of the launcher and the dock will become half size.

-To Do Normal Reboot/Recovery Reboot
Use Quick Boot app.

-To Make the Weather More Accurate
Open your widgets app (either with the icon or by long pressing the home button, while the screen is unlocked).
Long press the weather widget and drag it to the trash can in the bottom left.
Hit the "+" button and add weather again. It will let you search for your specific city.

-If You don't Like all of the Vibration Feedback, You Can Turn it Off
For Buttons: Settings-->Sound-->Haptic feedback
For Stock Keyboard: Settings-->Language and Keyboard-->XT9 Text Input-->Preferences-->Vibrate on Keypress

-If You Don't Like the Transitions, You Can Turn Them Off
Settings-->Display-->Animation-->Some or None

-If You Don't Like the Launcher, Install Your Favorite Launcher (FIRST!!!!) and THEN Change it
Settings-->Applications-->User Interface. After rebooting it will ask your to choose you launcher (DO NOT CHOOSE LAUNCHER2) (Thanks cooljames2186 for finding this)
If you don't install another launcher before doing this, you may end up in a bootloop

-If You Select Custom Wallpapers and No Longer Want Them Displayed in the Wallpaper (Home Decor) app
Use Root Explorer (or your favorite file manager) and navigate to here: /data/data/
Delete any of the numbered folders (i.e. 1, 2, etc)and they will immediately disappear from the wallpaper app.

What's Included:

MMS (Send/Receive)
720P Camcorder
8MP Camera
GPS works
Bluetooth works (Wiimote should work but I can't test that)
Working Wi-fi
Wireless Tether (I've tested with included kernel)
Koush's kernel from CM6.1 (Thanks Koush!)
Gingerbread Keyboard is the default
Google Talk
Brightness Widget
T9 Dialing like SENSE!!!
MORE Acer Bloatware Removed
Zipaligned and Deodexed
VERY Fast System (Please allow it to settle down after first flashing)
New widgets
Verizon apps show up in the market
and much, much, more..

1. Download the Rom to your SD card.
2. Nandroid
3. Wipe data/factory reset, Wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache (i recomment formating /boot and /system in advanced menu)
3. Flash the rom zip via recovery.
4. Boot it fully (You shouldn't get a FC if you hit back arrow at region selection, but the FC doesn't hurt anything).
5. Go through set up or skip though it.
6. Set up your Gmail account, let it sync, get your updates from the market.
It may be sluggish after your first boot (Rom's take time to settle in). 7.Please give it 15 mins or more (depending on how much media you have on internal memory and your sdcard) because the media scanner is going through all of your media, adding it into it's database and creating thumbnails.
8. Enjoy!

**PLEASE do not ask for ETA's on updates (I will do what I can with the help i'm able to get)**

***Market 3.2 ICS leak***

****Netflix is confirmed working (if interested)****

*****I HIGHLY recommend Ziggy471's bfs/havs kernels (one will be attached)*****

******DISCLAIMER: By downloading you agree that I will not, nor will anyone else but you, take responsibility for the results of you flashing any of the files below.******

*******If you have ANY questions or concerns feel free to find me on twitter (@markhoj, or gtalk/gmail MarkHoj08)*******

********Again, if I missed anyone in the Thank You's PLEASE PM me or Post, I'll update it right away********

MD5- 1c5900f5a7802f26f24266688d414976

Ziggy471 BFS HAVS 041011 kernel (optional but not necessary)-



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Changes: Build.prop edits, edited some scripts to help with speed, updated market, "fixed" reboot on dolby settings (settings fc now) fixed gtalk, updated superuser and binary, added titanium backup (thank you), might be a couple more things, but i can't think of them right now.
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