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Both I and xda are not responsible on loss of data or brick sudden terminal, proceed only if you know exactly what you're doing!!!

>>FEATURES Pure••White™ 5.0.1 LRX22C (12-18-2014 ):

>Base factory image Hammerhead

>Used daily

>Lightness 350 Mb ( 12/18 )

>Up to date ( 12/18 )

>Full odex >>>Speed & Battery Life !!!

>Bionic optimizations ( 12/18 )

>Surround sound "improved audio"

>Display ambient ( 12/18 )

>Smooth scroll ( 12/18 )

>Stock Lollipop Kernel aosp

>Graphic changes to the Framework and Settings

>WhiteUi Framework and Settings

>New icons

>Lollipop bootanimation

>Google home

>Google now

>Email aosp material

>MyPlayer music material

>Chronus Clock material

>Holo Light reboot

>Dsp manager material

>Cm12 file manager material( for work in root install busybox )

>Browser aosp material

>Browser sync

>Google camera

>Cm12 gallery ( 12/18 )

>Aosp calendar material

>Calendar sync

>Calendar widget

>Sound Recorder material

>Aosp Mms material [/color]


>Nandroid backup is always recommended and save important data on your PC!!!


>>With TWRP recovery: ( the flash with TWRP takes several minutes...about 15 minutes! )
1) Full wipe
2) Flash ROM
3) flash superSU
4) reboot system
5) Enjoy

>>With multirom:
1) flash ROM as secondary ROM.
2) Swap ROM with primary
3) flash superSU
4) enjoy!

>>With CWM recovery:
1) Full wipe
2) Format system
3) flash ROM
4) flash superSU
5) Reboot system now...Enjoy

>be patient, flash and the boot requiring several minutes!

>DOWNLOAD ( 12-18-2014 ):

>>Pure•White™ 5.0.1 LRX22C


>Lates SuperSU

>Trebuchet CM12 flashable


>Bootloader & Radio LRX22C Flashable



★The passion★

Thanks me very much and makes me want to continue the development
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