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OMGB = Pure Gingerbread AOSP. Minimal deviations from stock.
Current version 1.2.0 as of July 21

Check the thanks page for a full list of contributions.

This is for all you guys out there who want their phone slim, sleek, and fast.
  • 2.3.4 Based.
  • Working LTE!
  • Fast
  • Minimal deviations from stock

    • Three in one reboot mod
    • Extra Rom info in About Phone
    • Screen On/Off enabled by default
    • Ubuntu font
    • T3hh4xx0r Wallpapers
    • TMO Theme Changer
    • FM Radio
    • Stripped down God Mode for easy addons and nightlies downloads

Known Bugs
  • None?

#r2gb on Freenode or use our Webchat

*Also on Rom Manager under t3hh4xx0r
**Screenshots are from a personal setup and my not exactly reflect the rom

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This is like having the purest form of android gingerbread, just like you would find on the nexus phone. As for in call volume mine seems to be working fine ive bn using this since it popped up on the omfgb thread. i also have the newest radio goin and drods newest kernel, with lagfree governor and im getting great battery life. try it out if you like pure aosp then you def wont be disappointed. THANKS R2

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lrs421 said:
Xoomdev said it may take data a little longer to lock on in this build. Can someone comment on their experience? Thanks.

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One of my buddies has been running it for a few days and he said that it took maybe an extra second or two for data/hand offs. Not a deal break if you ask me

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If you folks are having the location bug (where a weather app or something else gets your general/network location wrong but GPS works), please head over to this discussion so we can focus on that specific bug. I'm trying to pull in discussion of this bug from all of the AOSP-based ROMs to a centralized location so we can give the devs the info they need to finally tackle and fix this since the discussion has been all over the board and somewhat conflicting and blamed on other bugs.
1 - 20 of 119 Posts
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