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OMGB 1.2.3

Current version 1.2.3 as of Aug 7

[DISCLAIMER: If you are flashing this you have already voided your manufacturer's warranty. If you are flashing this you realize that this is unsupported software. Your device may break as a result of flashing this unsupported software. t3hh4xx0r team is not responsible for anything that might happen to your phone or you as a result of flashing this software. That includes but is not limited to bricked phones, world war, your alarm not waking you up and as a result you getting fired, or orgasms. That said, thank you for trying it.]

OMGB = Pure Gingerbread AOSP. Minimal deviations from stock.

Check the thanks page for a full list of contributions.

This is for all you guys out there who want their phone slim, sleek, and fast.
  • 2.3.7 Based.
  • Fast
  • Minimal deviations from stock
    • Three in one reboot mod
    • Extra Rom info in About Phone
    • Screen On/Off animation enabled by default
    • Ubuntu font
    • T3hh4xx0r Wallpapers
    • TMO Theme Changer
    • FM Radio
    • Stripped down God Mode for easy addons and nightlies download.
*Feature list and screenshots are subject to change at any time. They also may not exactly reflect what you see in rom, due to different device features.

Organism World Font Gadget Grass
Font Screenshot Multimedia Number Rectangle

Font Terrestrial plant Number Screenshot Darkness
Communication Device Font Gadget Screenshot Multimedia

Device Specific Information

Changelog found in rom under About OMGB
IRC or #r2gb on Freenode


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I got it now, I managed to do it myself, but I love your work so I'll donate!

Using ur ROM on my phone now btw, it works great. I have been using VZW's Froyo 2.2 OS, and I really didn't want to rely on rumors and bs about when they'll be releasing 2.3. You make it work better and it got rid of the latency issues from bloatware and all that extra crap VZW likes to throw in for extra $$. You definitely have my support. Thanks for devoting your time to all of this.

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Hey R2, I love the rom, but I've noticed there are periodic wifi drop outs. I noticed on another forum that someone was experiencing this with the CM7 nightlies, and there's an issue with 2.3.5 and wifi. Not having to randomly put it into airplane mode and back would be awesome!

thiasB, on 12 August 2011 - 01:56 PM, said: posted:

I might be wrong but I guess the Wi-Fi issue was introduced to CM by merging 2.3.5 on top of #141. And there are some changes to Wi-Fi source code as well as merge conflicts in the framework commit ( Wi-Fi dropping occurs since #143. Kernel changes in #144 are related to voice call recording. No newer kernel were shipped since then.

eug89 posted:

I tried reverting the changes made to wifi/java/android/net/wifi/ during the 2.3.5 merge and finally no more drop outs. I'm uploading the build to my dropbox folder, I'll share the link as soon as it finishes. Test it and tell me if it works for you too, if it does I'm going to push the change to gerrit. Probably reverting the changes made with the 2.3.5 merge is not the best way to do it but as long as it works... The other reviewers on gerrit certainly know better than me what to do.

EDIT: Here's the download link md5sum: 22a519290cb97c9716a9a5d186c6b1e4

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Still havent tried this on my incredible but have the dx's version of it on my dx.
I was wondering does it have more options on the incredible's version then the dx's version ?
The reason I ask is because CyanogenMod there is a little difference on the tweaks between the dx's and incredible's.The incredible having more tweaks then the dx
I'll probably still flash it on incredible regardless just fiqure I'd ask tho :android-smile:
Edit: sorry
this. Post should have been in OMFGB version. Not OMGB too lil sleep
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