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OMGB 1.2.3

Current version 1.2.3 as of Aug 7

[DISCLAIMER: If you are flashing this you have already voided your manufacturer's warranty. If you are flashing this you realize that this is unsupported software. Your device may break as a result of flashing this unsupported software. t3hh4xx0r team is not responsible for anything that might happen to your phone or you as a result of flashing this software. That includes but is not limited to bricked phones, world war, your alarm not waking you up and as a result you getting fired, or orgasms. That said, thank you for trying it.]

OMGB = Pure Gingerbread AOSP. Minimal deviations from stock.

Check the thanks page for a full list of contributions.

This is for all you guys out there who want their phone slim, sleek, and fast.
  • 2.3.7 Based.
  • Fast
  • Minimal deviations from stock
    • Three in one reboot mod
    • Extra Rom info in About Phone
    • Screen On/Off animation enabled by default
    • Ubuntu font
    • T3hh4xx0r Wallpapers
    • TMO Theme Changer
    • FM Radio
    • Stripped down God Mode for easy addons and nightlies download.
*Feature list and screenshots are subject to change at any time. They also may not exactly reflect what you see in rom, due to different device features.

Font Terrestrial plant Number Screenshot Darkness
Font Screenshot Multimedia Number Rectangle

Organism World Font Gadget Grass
Communication Device Font Gadget Screenshot Multimedia

Device Specific Information

Changelog found in rom under About OMGB
IRC or #r2gb on Freenode


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More EVO users will be forthcoming. By the way, I'm one of the many who love your rom and how pure you keep it. Thank you. I just nandroided back from it late last night because no matter what I did, I could not get the Android System use level to drop and I did not want to change my PRL to an earlier version. Is that something that is being looked at to see why it is occurring?

Just here for teh bewbs
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i havent looked at it because i dont see it as a problem. granted, the evo isnt my DD, so i dont see the impact (if any) that it has on proformance

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Linsalata28 said:
I might check this out I just found this site through your ROM on xda I didn't even know there was an update to this .
Is there much of a difference from the nightly build ?
Thanks for all your awesome work btw.
OMGB = pretty much pure AOSP, very minimal modding
OMFGB = bunch of cool mods and extras, but nightly based rather than stable (but is rock solid stable imho)

Hope that clears things up a bit. :)

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I have tried many of the AOSP 2.3.5 roms but I have had a problem with all 2.3.5 AOSP roms so far. I have this issue where maybe once or twice a day when I make or receive a phone call, I get complete silence on the other end. I pick up the phone and it shows the counter ticking up as it is connected but I can't hear anything. They can hear me though. If I hang up and make a call again, it will do it again. The only way I can fix it is a reboot. I thought maybe my speaker was going bad so I flashed a Sense rom and ran it for two weeks. Didn't have a single issue. I then flashed a 2.3.5 rom again and the issue came back. I then flashed a 2.3.4 AOSP rom and have been running it for almost 3 weeks and have not had the same issue. I would really love to try this AOSP rom but I am afraid of the phone issue and this is a deal breaker for me. Has anyone reported this issue with your rom?
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