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Ladies and gentlemen, Team Rage presents.....the NEW and IMPROVED.....

The BEST and MOST TALKED ABOUT stock ROM for the XT912, now available on your Samsung Galaxy S4! :)

Dev Disclaimer:
The tweaks included in this ROM are exclusive to this ROM and may NOT be used by anyone without permission. The ROM itself, stripped of all tweaks may be used as a base as long as permission is asked prior to posting.

Beanstown106 (base)​
Didact74 (for the ROM Control goodies)​

Hey if you flash it, it's your responsibility, not mine. Caution, this ROM will cause platypus' to come out of your phone. I am not responsible for them either.



init.d support​
Rage Tweaks​
Ability to remove alarm clock icon​
CRT OFF option (no toggle yet....just always on) Will add toggle soon.​
Status Bar color changer​
Status bar transparency changer​
-Center Clock​
-No Clock​
-am/pm gone​
-am/pm reg​
-am/pm small​
-day of week gone​
-day of week reg​
-day of week small​
-clock color changer​
-clock transparency changer​
Keyboard icon toggle​
1% battery MOD​
Choice of 11 battery options.....more to come​
Battery color options​
Battery transparency options​
Battery animation options​
Battery animation speeds​
Stand alone battery bar​
Battery bar color changer​
Battery bar transparency changer​
Long press menu to kill apps​
4-1 reboot options​
Ongoing notifications removed​
GPS Icon removed​
Messaging options unlocked​
-Screen on​
Scroll cache removed​
International boot and shut down animation​
Camera shutter sound options​
Inverted email colors​

You Must run a TouchWiz based kernel for this build. I suggest Ktoonsez TW kernel, but there are a lot of options.

Boot into TWRP​
Press "Wipe"​
Select "Advanced Wipe"​
Check the box for:​
-Dalvik Cache​
Slide the button over to wipe​
Flash ROM​

To install Ktoonsez Kernel:
Download TouchWiz kernel from THIS thread​
Place kernel on your external sdcard​
Reboot into recovery​
Flash kernel (NO WIPES)​

Rage Rom (S4E4) Size: 959MB​
md5: b902bcef032915023643f28ceb2a5691​

If you like my work and would just like to show your appreciation. Please click the "Like This" button!!!!


Team OctOS Developer
58 Posts
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ROM updated as of 8/4/2013, changes include:

New UI for ROM Control
Removed redundant brightness code in SystemUI
Cleaned up some code
Fixed color picker
Added AOSP lockscreen vibration toggle
Fixed lockscreen so AOSP sounds are correct. (no more flare or ripple sounds on AOSP lock)
Added sms and phone shortcuts to AOSP lock but they don't work yet
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