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2.3.4 EG22 v. Alpha "Hawk" [Journaled]
EG22 AIO Volume/Hotspot/Lockscreen/Overscroll/Lag Fix
The first rom to combine ALL of these great mods!

Updated 9/20/2011
Updates, Important Notices, and General Information Posted Here!

I maintain RandomROM as a distribution across multiple forums. As such, the bulk of the information, details, etc. is maintained on my site. Rest assured, the links below will take you to aforementioned site where you will find all of the information you require regularly updated on how to use this rom. No subscription required. Always free (donations appreciated, never required). All of my roms, mods, themes, guides, etc. can be found on this easy to navigate site as well as my blog for upcoming updates. As always, I will still answer questions here.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, divorce, bankruptcy, acne, etc. Please do some research if you are a first time flasher BEFORE flashing this rom. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me if something goes wrong with your device, I will laugh. By downloading, you agree to have read all pertinent information provided and to accept any and all responsibility subsequently.

Home Of The AIO Mod For EG22.
I have updated and merged necrosan's wifi tether mod and mkasick's volume rocker mod together, as they change the same framework.jar. This means that Sprint Hotspot will work freely without an additional Wifi Tether app, and that your volume rocker can now seamlessly transition from silent, to vibrate, to loud. Included in this conglomeration are also maddoggin's lockscreen mod and qbking77's overscroll glow mod, as well as the CRT animation. This will currently remain known as the AIO mod, and version 4 is the latest. It is included in the RandomROM EG22 theme.

To any rom/theme developers: Feel free to utilize this mod but be sure to reference myself and all aforementioned developers involved. It took a lot of time and effort to make these great features play nicely.

Why Should I Use RandomROM?
This rom is a personal hobby of mine to maintain the greatest battery life that I can. I've scoured the forums searching for the newest and greatest tweaks, mods, etc. to include, and then carefully tested them all for battery performance. I've also made additional changes, developments, and additions all my own. As such, this rom has compiled the excellent work of many great developers into my own ideas and configurations. Contained within are many useful apps pre-installed as well as an effort to replicate my exact setup which has yielded me 0-1% battery loss per hour maximum when idle! On good days it's now beating RandomROM EC05 Plus!

All included apps have been RandomKing-Approved to conform with the best battery usage. I'm always on the lookout for more tweaks, possible thematic changes, etc. There should be no issues, but should I happen to find one, I may simply release a patch or quietly switch out the upload version.

Many of you have complained that others achieve much better battery life. The goal of RandomRom is to provide MY setup that's provided me with great battery life. Further details are available in the changelog of post 2, as well as more specific details and usage stats.

What Do I Get With RandomROM?
Included Features:

journaled | deodexed | zip-aligned | the AIO mod | designed for ext4 |kernel rooted
custom setup | service freezer commands | chris41g's latest EG22+ Kernel
cwm compatible

Included Apps:

Ad-free | TeslaLed | Thinkfree Office | MyBackUp Root | Transparent XDA | Darkky's Gallery3D
Black Themed Miu Music | Black Dolphin Mini Browser | GenieWidget Weather/News
Adao File Manager/Task Manager | Adobe Reader and Flash Player 10.3
Amazon App Store (for great daily free apps)
Some Other Varying Apps Are Included For You :D

Included GingerGoods:

CWM- | Journaling-On | Journaling-Off​

RandomROM utilizes LauncherPro, and has removed all Samsung and Sprint bloatware.
All idle battery testing has been done using the original stock Samsung battery.
If you like my work, click the Thanks or Donate button!​

SCREENSHOTS [Not Entirely Accurate]

If you like my work, click the Thanks button or Donate a beer!


2.3.4 EG22 v. Alpha "Hawk" v.4 [Journaled] (9/20)
  • Kernel: Chris41g's EG22+
  • google services stability increase
Full changelog provided on download page.

The following themes are my own personal patchwork themes that I use regularly. They contain my own elements, as well as many elements from other themes, as I've found no one theme to perfectly satisfy me. :D.

If you like my work, click the Thanks button or Donate a beer!

EG22 Professional Blue + AIO NOT UPDATED!
Included by default in RandomROM 2.3 with the AIO patch. Parts scavenged from maddoggin primarily.

EG22 Brilliant Green + AIO COMING SOON!
Green variant with the AIO patch. Parts scavenged from maddoggin and deano0714!

EG22 Scintillating Red + AIO COMING SOON!
Red variant with the AIO patch. Parts scavenged from maddoggin and deano0714!

First and foremost, a huge thanks to the guys at Samfirmware for making this possible!
This rom incorporates the work of many AndroidCentral and XDA users. Huge thanks to necrosan, maddoggin, sbrissen, mkasick, chris41g, qbking77, optmsprim2, tortel1210, nubecoder, deano0714, and more to be listed!!​

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You've got questions, here's some answers!

Want to reduce the ram leakage problem? These suggestions may help:
  • Click here!
  • Preferences>Advanced Settings>Memory Usage Settings> Uncheck "Use homescreen caches"
Miss Live Wallpapers? Don't really care how much battery they use?
Really wish that you could return to the stock fonts?
Can't figure out how to make the battery percentage appear?
  • It's under Settings > Lockscreen Settings > Statusbar Settings
Want the battery icon, and not just the percentage?
  • Same deal as before, except you have to hide battery icon, and then un-hide it. Wait a moment.
When should I use the AIO mod?
  • If you're on a rom that doesn't have it, or you flashed an EG22 theme that doesn't include it.
I really miss my old transparent messaging app, can I have that back?
I love RandomROM, but the Framework FC's are just too much to handle and no-one can help me, what should I do?
  • Check out Phoenix EC05 linked in my signature at the bottom of this post :).
How do I use my own ringtone, alarm, and notification mp3s?
  1. Create a folder on your SD card called "media".
  2. Inside of that create "audio".
  3. Inside of that create:
    • "ringtones" for ringtones.
    • "alarms" for alarms.
    • "notifications" for notifications.
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