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I disagree. I like having the build number because, for example a couple days ago I noticed my GPS wasn't locking as good as it was the week prior. Then I remembered that I restored a nandroid of VanirBean v5 because of an issue caused when I tried to replace the boot animation and the phone just booted to a blank screen. But then I couldn't remember if I reflashed v6, to v7 or if I only flashed to v6 and then got distracted by a phone call. And when I checked the build number it was generic. So I had to do a nandroid backup and flash v7 just to be sure I was on the latest version with a proper GPS lock.
Yeah I'm kind of anal about little things like that because I want it to be as close to aosp as possible. I keep track of what I put on my phone so I don't really need the constant reminder. Everyone is different :D. Thanks for the hard work razor.
1 - 5 of 379 Posts
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