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[ROM] Razor's Jelly V2.6 [Verizon][Jelly Bean 4.1] 8-July

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This rom was ported from a gsm galaxy nexus running jelly bean. It includes only those fixes required to work as intended. There are no altered themes, no tweak scripts, no replaced kernels, just the stock experience Google intended.

Thanks to b16 for providing the nandroid off his GSM Galaxy Nexus for all of us to use.

Note: This is the same rom I've been working on for the past few days that I had posted in AshG's thread over here. Just decided to create my own thread for it here.

MD5: 5e359eccd906815fff5fba4e54dcd26e

Change Log:

Version 2.6
  • fixed hdmi
  • fixed verizon apps not working
  • fixed gps (discovered that gsm vendor lib files were being used. replaced with cdma)
  • updated all google apps to most current
  • updated Superuser app and su binary
Version 2.5
  • updated market app to 3.7.13
  • updated maps app to 6.9.0
  • reverted kernel to completely stock version
  • several minor fixes
Version 2
  • MMS fix (The mms apk was not configured properly for verizon due to the jelly bean rom coming from a GSM phone. It was causing pictures to be overly compressed and look like crap. Also, videos received via mms would not play).
  • Fixed bluetooth range and quality.
Version 1
  • WiFi fix
  • slow GPS lock fix
  • moved misplaced lib files
  • fixed no ringtone or notification sound by default
  • fixed updater script to actually format system
  • fixed ERI text to say Verizon Wireless
  1. Boot into Recovery
  2. Wipe Data / Factory Reset (if coming from previous version you should be fine with a wipe cache and dalvik-cache)
  3. Install .zip
  4. Reboot
  5. Enjoy
IMPORTANT NOTE: Jelly Bean roms on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus are experiencing a random boot issues where you get stuck on the Google boot logo. If this happens to you just wait. After a few minutes it will boot up fine. This can take anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.
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Seems like my battery drains quickly with the screen on as well...not scientific, well here:
I remember two things about the stock kernel - no lag and tremendous battery drain.
If that's the case...well, that sucks. LOL Google is touting this version of android as having better battery life, so I don't get it...

Can someone else experiment with battery life? Surf the web for five minutes on a heavy flash website (such as AVSforum), then pay attention to how much the battery has drained. Mine drops like a rock... It just can't be this bad, can it?
I even had terrible idle lossage as well.

I gave up and went trinity, haven't looked back since.
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