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[ROM]-[RLS2.5-8/05/11]-KInGdOm ReWiND 3D-[2.3.3]-[Sense 3.0]

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  • Base - Leaked Android 2.3.3 build 0.81.651.0 WWE (Gingerbread)
  • Optical Trackpad Wake/Unlock [Og Incredible Only]
  • Green Overscroll Glow
  • Crt On And Off Animation
  • 3D Tilt In Settings
  • Extra Quicksettings
  • Full Sense 3.0 Of Course

  • Virus For The Base
  • Incubus26jc For Helping Me Get This Stable
  • Nyterage For Helping Me Get This Stable
  • Newtoroot For Weather Fix
  • Wdfowty For Netflix Fix
  • RCMIX Team For Their Awesome Rom
  • Team Unity For Virtuous Scripts And 3D Tilt Settings
  • Calkulin For Battery And Speed Tweaks
  • Donators Of Course
  • PM Me If I Forgot You :D

  • No HDMI Yet
  • 720p Is Choppy
  • You Tell Me :D
  • Bug Tracker Here

RLS2: Full Rom
RLS 2.5: Flashable Zip
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Changelog RLS2.5
  • Resized Calendar Lockscreen
  • Resized Alarm Lockscreen
  • Fixed Camera Issues
Changelog RLS2
  • Added 4G Toggle In Quick Settings
  • Added 4G Widgets Back
  • Added 4G In Settings>Wireless Networks Back
  • Added 3D Homescreen Back Again
  • Added Sprint Mobile Hotspot Toggle In Quick Settings
  • Added Bigger MMS Sizes 1MB, 3MB, 5MB
  • Added 6 Bar Signal
  • Added New Market Updated
  • Transparency Removed From Notification Pull Down [For Now]
  • Added 4G Wimax Icon To Status Bar
  • Changed 3G Icon
Changelog RLS1.1 Market Download
  • Fixed 4G Wimax [Just Download The Free 4G Wimax Toggle From The Market]
Changelog RLS1
  • Added 4G Wimax
  • Initial Port From The Droid Incredible
  • Added Back Front Facing Camera Functionality
  • Added MMS Over Wifi
  • Added New Netflix.apk
  • Fixed MMS
  • Resized Weather Lockscreen Triple Digit Weather Now Works
  • Added New Market
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does this work with the evo shift? my friend has one and it is a piece of crap with that last OTA. I want to get him root and he likes the idea of a ROM. I wanted to get CM7 but I cant find verifacation that the regular EVO 4G CM7 will work on it. Also will this really just install by going into recovery and sbf'ing? Please let me know asap. I only have a little bit longer with his phone
Nice! Thanks for posting.

meow meow supersonic meow
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