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Here is my last Froyo offering. I have taken screenshots in a logical order (though I left out some to make it under the 25 image limit) to show how you can go back and make any changes you want via the installer.

RZ Baseline v0.5 ROM

-=rom.tgz format (requires SPRecovery or RZrecovery)=-
-=fully deodexed=-
-=fully zipaligned=-
-=rooted, busybox v18.0=-
-=automatic theming during installation=-
-=reboot/recovery options=-
-=volume button music controls=-
-=2 kernel selection in install=-
-=RZ kernel automatic overclock=-
-=Stock & Blue Theme=-
-=Long press back to kill foreground application=-
-=Restart Android GUI on reboot menu=-
-=3 shell choices=-
-=5 system/transition animation schemes=-
-=Gingerbread keyboard=-
-=Custom keyboard sounds option=-
-=Option to disable Exchange security policies=-

optipng'ed all PNG's in every APK (including framework-res)
Updated Gmail to latest version (
fixed talk IM bubble theming (was dark)
changed install routine to use temporary files, makes changing things simpler
Replace data throttling (fixes mobile networks FC), but set bandwidth limit to half a terbayte per second (lol - to basically provide unlimited bandwidth)
fixed custom icons & lockscreen pin & password keys
updated voice search to latest version
updated google search to latest version


Thanks to xeudoxus, slayher, cvpcs, pandroid, peteralfonso, Tim-o-tato, sniffle13, xfireguru, koush, JesusFreke, bgill55, liquid0624, trevorj, thebowers, rotordroid, MagnusRagnarok, moset, you, and the rest of Droidforums!
(If I left anyone out I will add upon request)

Help me get better web hosting!


I do not take any responsibility for anything negative that happens to your droid or life

Did I mention this ROM is NOT FROM SOURCE? Any of the features that are typically only in AOSP-based ROMs have been done in dalvik bytecode via JesusFreke's smali/baksmali suite. It is built off of the FRG83D OTA, the same thing Bugless Beast is made from. I made it for fun, and to learn the rom.tgz ways. I hope you find it useful.

animset: sets system & transition animation speeds to an arbitrary value in seconds
<br />
     animset 0.3<br />
System animation duration set to 0.3 seconds.<br />
Reboot to see the change.<br />
<br />
animset 10<br />
System animation duration set to 10 seconds.<br />
Reboot to see the change.<br />
camsoundon/camsoundoff: replaces camera click sound with silence or stock clikc
<br />
     camsoundoff<br />
Camera sound replaced with 0.3 seconds of silence<br />
<br />
camsoundon<br />
Camera sound replaced with original sound<br />
sysrw/sysro: mounts system read-write and read-only
<br />
     sysrw<br />
sysro<br />
Q. Why are the volume button music controls reversed?
A. They aren't. pressing down moves down through the play list, or if in landscape, pressing left (down) moves forward in the play list. Camera button pauses playback.

Q. Will this work with Clockwork?
A. No. Clockwork does not support this ROM format.

Q. Will it work with ROM Manager?
A. No, it is not supported.

Q. Will theme X work with this?
A. No, it might seem to work but you will most likely lose some features.

(These were off the top of my head, I am sure there will be more added later)



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Flashed your recovery and loaded up the ROM. Love it. May be the fastest and smoothest I have ran. One problem is google music. Do not see it but when I try to load it says update, fails and says not signed correctly. What to do?

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Got it figured out! Disregard.
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