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This is a port from the European release of the 2.3.3 Sense ROM from the HTC Salsa.


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- WiFi
- Audio
- Camera
- Led's
- Video Recording
- Themes
- HTC Apps
- Google Apps
- Sensors
- Smooth UI
- Trackball for incoming calls
- Bluetooth

- Hendrik Hagemann
- Vladimir Georgiev
- Chris Bartosiak-Jentys
- Jason Hancock


- WiFi Hotspot

Current Release: 4.0

My Server


Wildfire Lockscreen -Multiupload, My Server

Original Lockscreen - Multiupload, My Server

Non-bubbly chat interface -Multiupload, My Server

Bubbles chat interface - Multiupload,My Server

Remove recent apps from status bar - Multiupload, My Server


(If coming from previous build, skip to step 2.)

1. Wipe Data
2. Wipe Cache
3. Wipe Dalvik
4. Choose custom zip from sd-card
5. Select SalsaSense x.x
6. Wait and Enjoy :)



- Using CM method of locking apps in memory, huge thanks to f_padia. Massive help!! (Does need testing though)
- Reverted back to old market
- Re-optimized apk's
- Adjusted OOM values, improved multi-tasking
- Launcher is bulletproof (almost)
- Fixed build.prop a litte
- Changed kernel to LV 0.5 f_padia's patched version.

There is quite a lot more I just can't remember, sweated a lot over this release

[hide=Click here to see previous changelog]3.5

- Added SD-EXT support!
- Added in a couple easter eggs , find them all!


- Some framework tweaks, speed improvements
- Added init.d support
- Added Juwe11's optimization script
- Added a script that should help memory consumption (although it won't be fully operational until the next release)
- Added new market version
- Added SD-Ext support (needs testing as I don't use it)
- Fixed lockscreen music player issues (Thanks whitealien)
- Re-optimized apks
- General clean-up

Reboot menu and screen-on during calls, I will fix in the next release. This is just an incremental update really.


- Optimized all apps and framework, better memory consumption
- Under the hood tweaks
- Kernel updated to LV 0.4.7
- SMS issues fixed (hopefully)


- Sensors fixed
- WiFi now works with fly-kernel


- Bluetooth fixed (Thanks to SebastianFM)
- Sense reloads when installing apps fixed
- Speed improvements
- General smoothness and bug fixes


- Changed Base to European Release
- Fixed light's not working on straight port.
- Small fixes
- Calls issues fixed


- Calls fixed
- Small changes


- Added apps that were missing in first update
- 3D acceleration fixed
- Added requested Vietnamese IME
- Trying different min/max memory free settings


- Updated ROM to official Asian release.
- Tweaked min/max memory free settings.
- Removed bloatware.[/hide]

Thanks to:



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Thanks to JieeHD for a quality rom.

Been looking for something slick with sense for a while. Was happy with Cronos Ginger but missed the sense.

This is slightly heavier to use than CG and I wondered if I could suggest a tweak that might make it feel slicker.

On CG.... the apps page is one long page..... with a very fluid scroll from top to bottom.
On the SalsaSense, the apps page is divided into pages.... and it jumps to the next page on scrolling down. This makes it feel laggy even though its not.

Any chance that could be changed/optional? A big bottle of Irn Bru in the post if you can. =)

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So far, only one issue...... Cannot select any alternative tones for the stock alarm.

Whatever you select from either stock or mp3, it automatically shows and plays New Day tone.

NOT a good way to be woken. Might try renaming a better tone New Day and dropping it into the file.

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Reflashed and still had the alarm tone issue.
After lots of faffing about I stumbled on the vibrate checkbox.
Once this has been unchecked, you can select any tone/mp3 you want.... then re-check to get vibrate too.

Also, not sure if <settings/personalise/alarm tone> restricts or just makes a default tone selection.
Seems to be working well now.

Camera has no zoom on stock app but works well on Camera360.

Was also struggling to get good battery life whilst overclocked. 12 hours with a bit of use.
Checked the sync settings and all were set to sync every 15 mins and on opening. What with FB, 3 email accounts, weather etc.... I must have been syncing almost constantly.
Adjusting all not to sync on opening and once per hour has made a huge difference. I generally charge overnight anyhoo but fullcharge 8am to midnight with 35% average remaining is good enough for me.

Easily the best Gingerbread Sense rom I have tried.
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