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Light & Dark Sinister are now posted.

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Changelog:[/SIZE][/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR="Red"]version 1.3 (Bugfixes mainly)[/COLOR]<br />
Google Talk fixed (back in the rom)<br />
LGE Stock Voltage Kernel Version 0.0.5 With EXT4 (voodoo sound) (Thanks Faux123)<br />
Changed back to older market (will provide a zip for the new market later)<br />
Removed lge-res.apk.<br />
Small Bugfixes<br />
<br />
[COLOR="Red"]version 1.2[/COLOR]<br />
build.prop edits.<br />
Removed Launcher pro & adw launcher<br />
Removed Annoying notifications I added on accident<br />
Changed battery mod to circle Battery icons<br />
Updated Android Market 3.0.26<br />
Updated Maps<br />
Updated Flash Player<br />
Updated adfree<br />
Updated File Manager<br />
Updated google apps<br />
Added Swype 3.5<br />
Added 2xreboot<br />
Added GPS Fix<br />
Added romanbb bloater app for better Gps.<br />
Added Faux123 LGE Stock FROYO[] (v0.0.4) OC~1.4GHz/UV/SLQB/BFQ/EXT4 Kernel<br />
Cleaned up framework-res a bit more (still needs more work)<br />
<br />
[COLOR="Red"]<br />
version 1.1[/COLOR]<br />
~Fixed search button to not launch the camera.<br />
~Updated Maps, Flash player, Gmail and voice search.<br />
~Added back CarHome.apk for those that wanted it.<br />
~added [email protected]@20mbps Camera mod (made by LeJay)<br />
~added Launcher Pro & ADW Launcher to give options.<br />
~added Adfree for ad blocker<br />
~fixed crashes in PimpmyCpu from saving/loading profiles.<br />
~Changed boot animation to morfic's old Trinity kernel. (I liked it)<br />
~Fixed init.d scripts from not running<br />
~More text color Fixes (still needs more)<br />
~Removed LMIRescue.apk<br />
~Removed LMIRescueSecurity.apk<br />
~Changed shutdown sound.<br />
~Added battery % mod.<br />
~Added back Wifi calling<br />
~Added back SmartShare<br />
~Black market<br />
~black MMS<br />
~black google search widget<br />
~G2X-dexopt fix<br />
~Build.prop edits.<br />
~GPS tweaks<br />
~Added FileManager<br />
~PowerOff.apk - New power off animation. (forgot to add in 1.0)<br />
~Market don't show t-mobile branding. Now shows (My Apps)<br />
~Alot more I forgot <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />
1: Backup your current rom just incase.
2: Copy zip file to external sd card.
3: Full wipe is required.
3: Flash using ClockworkMod recovery.
4: After install go to advanced options and hit Fix Permissions
5: Reboot and wait as first boot takes a little more time.

<br />
[size=5][url=]Download Dark&Sinister v1.3 here[/url][/size]<br />
<br />
or<br />
<br />
[size=5][url=]Download Light&Sinister v1.3 here[/url][/size]<br />
Folder containing all older and newer roms-
birgertime for bloater app Thread Here
GideonX (his logcat helped track problem with pimpmycpu)
Mikey1022 & overground (you know they help keep this place clean and tidy)
cyanogenmod Team
Anyone else I forgot


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Going to flash this now every gb rom I've run has given me nothing but issues guess ill stick with froyo until we can get source to fix some of the issues like apn and no a2dp

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Dark&Sinister is now posted at OP.. Changelog is the same for both versions other then the theme.

I will fix the T-Mobile branding color on next update plus some other things.

Edit: screenshots posted as well.

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first let me say im new to the g2x coming from a vibrant and i have to say this rom is awesome. the only issue i have ands its not even a real issue is that when i try and take a screenshot with either drocap or shootme i get a pic of the lg bootscreen no matter what screen im on. weird, but i dont know if its a rom or app thing going on. anyway great work and thanks for all you do.

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Hi Community!:)

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get

the "Dark & Sinister v1.3" ROM???????

ALL links are DEAD on this Site. NEVER

could understand why links are not updated

or "dead" ones taken down!!! Tried

XDA; and it only leads you to the "ILIVID"

Video-Downloader page!! Very ANNOYING!!!

Any help would be most appreciated!!!:)

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