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Light & Dark Sinister are now posted.

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Changelog:[/SIZE][/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR="Red"]version 1.3 (Bugfixes mainly)[/COLOR]<br />
Google Talk fixed (back in the rom)<br />
LGE Stock Voltage Kernel Version 0.0.5 With EXT4 (voodoo sound) (Thanks Faux123)<br />
Changed back to older market (will provide a zip for the new market later)<br />
Removed lge-res.apk.<br />
Small Bugfixes<br />
<br />
[COLOR="Red"]version 1.2[/COLOR]<br />
build.prop edits.<br />
Removed Launcher pro & adw launcher<br />
Removed Annoying notifications I added on accident<br />
Changed battery mod to circle Battery icons<br />
Updated Android Market 3.0.26<br />
Updated Maps<br />
Updated Flash Player<br />
Updated adfree<br />
Updated File Manager<br />
Updated google apps<br />
Added Swype 3.5<br />
Added 2xreboot<br />
Added GPS Fix<br />
Added romanbb bloater app for better Gps.<br />
Added Faux123 LGE Stock FROYO[] (v0.0.4) OC~1.4GHz/UV/SLQB/BFQ/EXT4 Kernel<br />
Cleaned up framework-res a bit more (still needs more work)<br />
<br />
[COLOR="Red"]<br />
version 1.1[/COLOR]<br />
~Fixed search button to not launch the camera.<br />
~Updated Maps, Flash player, Gmail and voice search.<br />
~Added back CarHome.apk for those that wanted it.<br />
~added [email protected]@20mbps Camera mod (made by LeJay)<br />
~added Launcher Pro & ADW Launcher to give options.<br />
~added Adfree for ad blocker<br />
~fixed crashes in PimpmyCpu from saving/loading profiles.<br />
~Changed boot animation to morfic's old Trinity kernel. (I liked it)<br />
~Fixed init.d scripts from not running<br />
~More text color Fixes (still needs more)<br />
~Removed LMIRescue.apk<br />
~Removed LMIRescueSecurity.apk<br />
~Changed shutdown sound.<br />
~Added battery % mod.<br />
~Added back Wifi calling<br />
~Added back SmartShare<br />
~Black market<br />
~black MMS<br />
~black google search widget<br />
~G2X-dexopt fix<br />
~Build.prop edits.<br />
~GPS tweaks<br />
~Added FileManager<br />
~PowerOff.apk - New power off animation. (forgot to add in 1.0)<br />
~Market don't show t-mobile branding. Now shows (My Apps)<br />
~Alot more I forgot <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />
1: Backup your current rom just incase.
2: Copy zip file to external sd card.
3: Full wipe is required.
3: Flash using ClockworkMod recovery.
4: After install go to advanced options and hit Fix Permissions
5: Reboot and wait as first boot takes a little more time.

<br />
[size=5][url=]Download Dark&Sinister v1.3 here[/url][/size]<br />
<br />
or<br />
<br />
[size=5][url=]Download Light&Sinister v1.3 here[/url][/size]<br />
Folder containing all older and newer roms-
birgertime for bloater app Thread Here
GideonX (his logcat helped track problem with pimpmycpu)
Mikey1022 & overground (you know they help keep this place clean and tidy)
cyanogenmod Team
Anyone else I forgot


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Dark&Sinister is now posted at OP.. Changelog is the same for both versions other then the theme.

I will fix the T-Mobile branding color on next update plus some other things.

Edit: screenshots posted as well.

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first let me say im new to the g2x coming from a vibrant and i have to say this rom is awesome. the only issue i have ands its not even a real issue is that when i try and take a screenshot with either drocap or shootme i get a pic of the lg bootscreen no matter what screen im on. weird, but i dont know if its a rom or app thing going on. anyway great work and thanks for all you do.

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Hi Community!:)

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get

the "Dark & Sinister v1.3" ROM???????

ALL links are DEAD on this Site. NEVER

could understand why links are not updated

or "dead" ones taken down!!! Tried

XDA; and it only leads you to the "ILIVID"

Video-Downloader page!! Very ANNOYING!!!

Any help would be most appreciated!!!:)

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