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[ROM] SkyRaider Athena 1.2 [Sense(less)/CM6/2D or 3D Gallery]

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This is a new kind of Sense(less) Froyo ROM mixed with many customizations found in CM6, Desire Z and even Gingerbread.​


Please do not publicly release versions of my work without my prior approval​

I decided to make a ROM based on the stability of the HTC Sense framework but include a lot of things found in CM6 and a tiny bit from the Z ROM. All of the apps are fully integrated with each other so the ROM feels complete. You get the great features of Sense like the camera and contacts and get to enjoy it with tons of customizations and other vanilla applications. I spent over a month creating this from just the RUU. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This ROM is far from a finished product in respect to my plans for its future; however, it is quite stable in its current form.


The links to download are in the second post and in Rom Manager.

Hosting provided by BananaBit Technologies. Developers, for sponsoring information contact wifiguru.

Known Issues:

  • None ...

Change Log:

  • Fixed Facebook synching using the HTC provider
  • Fixed Gallery option when selecting a contact photo
  • Added corrected sync icons (Thanks Stoney 666!)
  • Fixed touch issue in the email app and added a widget
  • Changes to the power toggles in settings are now instant
  • Updated the Protips widget
  • Updated the boot animation
* DISCLAIMER: This build is a flash over but will delete your calendar, email (not gmail) and social network data​

  • Based on the latest RUU 3.26.605.1
  • New boot animation (thanks gadget! for the new spinning logo!)
  • Removed Sense launcher and all of the apks that depend on it
  • Replaced most of the HTC apps with vanilla ones
  • The HTC phone, contacts, camera, radio and sound recorder remain
  • Updated all Google applications to the latest
  • 3D gallery, vanilla mms, email (v2.3), music, calendar and Google car home have been added
  • Vanilla apps are fully integrated with HTC apps
  • Streaming videos and video playback rotates 360 degrees
  • The camcorder saves files with an mp4 extension
  • All applications will read from both the emmc and SD card
  • Applications will only save to the SD card
  • The browser is in debug mode by default and the UA string settings are moved to the top
  • The Gingerbread keyboard is the default input and is fully working including inline word replacement
  • New Skyraider Settings added to settings menu
  • Added several customizations found in CM6 (thanks to the entire cm team for their hard work)
  • OpenVPN support
  • Power widget toggles including two new ones added by me
  • No need for a text file for any configuration
  • Screen rotates full 360 degrees
  • Skip songs while phone is sleeping using volume rockers
  • Skip songs while sleeping using trackball
  • Real trackball wake
  • Lock screen settings (no more scripts)
  • CM6 render effects + widget
  • Much more!
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The ROM install works with both Amon_Ra and Clockworkmod recoveries. For the time being, flashing mods over this ROM (other than what you find here) is done at your own risk. I do not guarantee any will work. If you want to experiment, be my guest. Just remember to backup your data.

WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage that may happen directly or indirectly to your phone as a result of flashing this ROM. Thank you for taking a risk and flashing my ROM! :D

When using Titanium restore applications ONLY and no SYSTEM DATA!! Also, I recommend NOT restoring sms/mms messages when restoring from a different ROM.

Directions for link:
  • Download the ROM from the link below
  • Place it on your sd card
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Do a nandroid backup
  • Perform a full wipe (recommended unless upgrading)
  • Select "install zip from sdcard"
  • Select the file and you're on your way to happiness
Directions for ROM Manager:
  1. Download ROM from ROM Manager under Ihtfp69
  2. When it finishes, select both options (wipe unless upgrading and backup)
  3. Rom Manager will reboot and install what you have chosen
  4. Profit!
Directions for Web Connect:
  1. Setup Web Connect in ROM Manager Premium
  2. Open ROM Manager, press Menu>Web Connect
  3. Once it says successful, you are ready to go
  4. Click the phone icon next to the link below and your phone will start downloading it
  5. Profit!

v1.2 --> SkyRaider Athena 1.2

MD5: c254ca228d2e04189ff86411a47b78db

  1. World Clock Modified For Vanilla Lock Screen (will remove Google clock)
  2. 2D Gallery (This will remove the 3D gallery as well)
  3. Alternate Stock Email w/ Widget (Use this if you have problems syncing your Exchange account)
  4. Social Networking for Facebook Sync
  5. Uncapped Data Mod (Proper mod with no fc on Mobile Network settings)
  6. Disable End Call Button (what's this?)
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I will instantly switch from CM7 For a new version of Athena <3
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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