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Back up with firmware 1.0.23 base (original shipped rom).

No screenshots yet, nothing really changed much from stock.

Left in:
-Blur setup screen (should default to homescreen, you can add your blur account if you like, or be like me, and not have one)
-Blur accounts (to set up/manage Gmail, Exchange, etc)
-3G Mobile Hotspot
-Blur Dialer
-Blur Lockscreen
-WiFi Calling

I don't have the list of everything I removed, but I removed more than what's remaining.

Future changes:
-AOSP Lockscreen
-AOSP setup wizard
-AOSP accounts
-AOSP Music app
-Boot Animation
-SD Speed Hack format (traditional custom rom)

Download here

**Important note about this, if you are on firmware 1.1.30 (Froyo 2.2.2), I suggest reflashing with this sbf (1.0.23, original shipped firmware, Froyo 2.2). Possible bootloop if you do not. I suggest you use Titanium Backup to backup your applications prior to flashing 1.0.23, then also using Titanium Backup to restore ONLY your applications, no data. If you need your texts, get SMS Backup + from the market, great free app!

Please post any more changes you would like, suggestions, etc.

**Change Log:<br />
8/1/11<br />
-Changed base to 1.0.23 firmware<br />
-Deleted Blur Toggle Widgets<br />
-SD Speed Hack is not in this release, will release a flashable zip with it later on<br />
<br />
7/27/11<br />
-Temporarily taking down link, will put back up with SD fix asap<br />
<br />
7/26/11<br />
-Initial Release<br />
-Deblurred majority of device<br />
-Deodexed<br />
-Replaced BlurHome with ADW.Launcher<br />
-Replaced BlurAlarmClock with Alarm Clock Plus<br />
-Replaced BlurCalculator with RealCalc<br />
-All apps replaced are free Market replacements, no warez!<br />
<br />
Install Instructions
-Download backup
-Unzip backup to clockworkmod\backup (don't change name)
-Reboot into recovery
-**Backup Current Rom** (Just incase you want to go back to yours)
-Wipe Data
-Wipe Cache
-Backup and Restore
-Restore (choose newly placed nandroid)

As always, not responsible if you brick your device (which shouldn't happen, just a nandroid restore), <br />
break your device, break up with your girlfriend or kick your dog. None of the above should happen with following the instructions!
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