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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: AOSP

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: Other (See Description)

Carrier:: Unlocked GSM

Optional:: Themed

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Deodexed

Android Version:: 4.2.1 (JB)

Steel Droid GNex v5.0

Don't forget to hit THANKS and VOTE!

February 4, 2013

v5.0 (based on VanirAOSP Jellybean)
v5.0 (based on VanirAOSP Jellybean) - 208.23 MB - AOSP HYBRID JELLYBEAN
MD5: 2b8c5759a630b66e52d6e8107063177e

Open up the Browser, and type in "about:debug" (minus the quotes of course)
This will enable debug settings and the Java Console. This wont survive a
restart of the app/phone, so you will have to re-enable it next time.
Goto Settings -> About Phone, and click repeatedly on
Android version and you will see what happens. :-D

Galaxy Nexus v5.0 JELLYBEAN Changelog (2-4-2013):
* Updated Nova Launcher to 2.0.1 beta 3
* Updated to Popcorn Kernel v12
* Updated Superuser to SuperSU 1.0.4 with updated binary
* Fixed a butt load of memory leaks, null pointers, and bad code
* Fixed ring volume reset issues
* Fixed NavRing not showing up
* Fixed all (I think) bugs with the QuickSettings tiles
* Added Quiet Hours
* Added compact list view for Contacts
* Added LCD density changer (DPI)
* Added lockscreen targets
* Added Advanced Tab with color tuning and GPU overclocking options
* Added some NavBar button additions and fixes
* Added in my custom BluLazerUI Theme Chooser theme!
* Added ADB over WIFI functionality
* Added lockscreen customization and rotation
* Added NFC Polling Mode option
* Added AM/PM options to statusbar clock
* Added a few more options for the status bar battery style
* Removed RAM Tile
* Cleaned up the bootanimation a bit
* Now uses Beats/DSPManager
* Optimized every image, yet again!​

1: Make a backup! (never hurts, ever)
2: Either wipe everything EXCEPT DATA manually, or flash the ROM directly.
3: Flash the ROM (a given I would think)
4: Reboot and WAIT....

When you reboot for the first time after flashing the ROM, it may take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes to boot up. Dont be alarmed! Just wait patiently. All my testers have been successful in booting this up, even though their bootup times varied quite a bit. Just let it sit.

Also, when you get into the ROM, and get stuff set up, let it SETTLE for a bit. Scripts have to run, and things need to install. It will be choppy at first, but a few minutes of use will smooth is out. After that, even after a reboot, it will be smooth right from boot up!

Here are my thanks, in no particular order:

Google (Android OS!)
VanirAOSP (for an excellent base to build from)
SonicXML (For amazing GIT help and code support)
Sparkyman (Help with testing and ideas)
PrimeDirective (Help with testing, code, and ideas)
Hashcode (Help with random issues and questions)
JBirdVegas (Help with random issues and questions)
Im sure theres more, but this is the top of the list....

Donation links:
ChevyCam94: DONATE
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