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Title says it all.......

etc... etc..

will i make this into a custom rom?


Yes this is the official ota

No I will not state my sources.....

No I will not post an ruu

No I wILL nOT POST The Radio


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Hi Folks,

I'm brand new to RootzWiki, and have been on XDA-Developers for about a month where I learned about this Forum. In fact, a recent posting by joelz9614, the Dev of this ROM, introduced and steered me to RootzWiki. Apparently somebody upset him at XDA-Developers by being impatient and unappreciative, so joelz9614 said he wasn't going to post any more to that particular Forum on XDA - his Ace Revolution 3D ROM.

Let me first say that I'm new as heck to rooting - so new I spell newbie with an "ew!" That being said, JoelZ is now a Supreme Architect of the Universe to me. Thanks a zillion, Joel!!! Why, well that's because I discovered his Stock GB ROM (above) only minutes after my first visit to the XDA Forum last month, blindly followed Joel's instructions for install (along with this helpful posting on JonAmerica by Jon Eggers - Updated: Root the HTC Droid Incredible), and had Stock GB up and running in perfect order in under an hour. For somebody who had never rooted a phone before, I was pretty proud of myself. But the real credit goes to Joel (and Jon) for the awesome ROM and easy-as-pie instructions. What more could you ask for?

Joel's Stock GB has been my ROM for over a month now. Unfortunately, I had to re-install it yesterday because I got one of those dreaded "Low Storage" issues that eventually sucked my phone into a black hole of uselessness. But a quick re-install yesterday, and I'm back in action.

Does anybody know about those "Low Storage" issues, and how I can resolve them? It seems to have no actual relationship to the actual size of my storage use. And to be clear, it has nothing to do with Joel's Stock GB ROM, as I have had about 20 of these damn things since I first purchased the phone last December (19 of which not on Joel's ROM, but rather the original HTC/Verizon stock ROM). Believe me, I've tried every "fix" I can find on the Net to try to remedy this issue each time it appears, but not a single effort worked as hoped. In every case, the only action that ever saved the day was to just admit defeat and start from a factory reset. I've lost so much data, I can't begin to explain my frustration. But I've learned a ton about my phone over this last year, and I now know how to mitigate much, but not all of the missing data damages - not to mention the time-suck of having to reset/re-install the ROM each time.

To address some of the posts above, first let me say "Huge Thanks" to you Joel. I'm a believer now, so take me where you will. I can't wait to start playing around with some of your other ROMs, especially the Ace Revolution 3D ROM you are working on. If you ever have any advice or knowledge to share - I'm all ears, Joel. Thank's, my friend!

Yes, Wi-Fi tether works - works just fine as far as I can tell. This was my first time using it, but it worked - got me the Net on my Acer netbook while on the road away from regular Wi-Fi. It seemed to work just as fast/slow as Net on the phone, although I didn't run any speed tests.

As far as downloading the Stock GB ROM, I grabbed in from Joel's posting on XDA. You can find that here -

In case anybody cares, I did get NetFlix running on Joel's Stock GB ROM last night. It worked perfectly.

If anybody has any additional "use" questions concerning this ROM, I'll gladly share what I know. I'm still really new with all the jargon and technical speak, but I'll do the best I can.



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Please be advised that I just re-registered to this RootzWiki forum under my original UN of TTT05Mikes. The posting above by TTT05Mics is actually from me. I will contact the forum Admin and explain the switch/change shortly. Please contact me at my TTT05Mikes account from now on. Thanks.



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