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When the community heard news that Motorola would be pushing yet another update to the OG Motorola Droid, minds began to race, would they really officially update to Gingerbread!? About a week and a half later, we we disappointed to hear that this update would only bring a few "security patches" to the device. After diffing the previous official build to the new FRK76 build, no proprietaries had been modified. So what does this mean to you, as a rooted user running the latest version of Bugless Beast? Absolutely nothing, Gingerbread is most likely more secure than Froyo will ever be so there is no reason to downgrade. This news is just as disappointing to developers because it means nothing new can be pulled from this update to be used in a source build. In my opinion, this small 761 KB patch of an update is simply a way of Motorola saying "Hey you OG Droid user, please don't use your upgrade on a Galaxy Nexus". Interestingly enough, Motorola even decided to call this update "Android 2.2.3", which I do not believe even officially exist at AOSP.

None the less, thanks to a few naughty Motorola Feedback Network testers, you can find the OTA update as well as a full stock, rooted ROM of FRK76 at my download page before it is officially available to all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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