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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: Other

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: T-Mobile

Optional:: Insecure Boot

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Deodexed

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)

As the title says this is the new v21y update rooted. This is for those of us who just want to be able to flash for root. If you do not have the march 2012 baseband in call audio will not function properly.

ROM includes:
v21y 2.3.4 update
Root -unsecured boot.img
init.d support
deodexed (was already that way in the update)

I did not remove any of the bloatware in this version, you should know how to do that yourself.


ScreenShots will be up after a while.

Thanks to
mustangtim49 for uploading a nandroid for me
CoreMemory for finding the update was available
All the members of TeamKang for teaching me the ropes and answering my noob questions.

Android Apprentice
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Ok, So in order to flash the 2012 Baseband i have to flash a stock rom?
If so can this Stock rooted v21y 2.3.4 GRJ22 update
can work to flash it with the LG Tool the new baseband?
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