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This is the SuperOSR rom from SuperTeam brought to you for your loved Motorola Cliq/Dext :-D.

SuperOSR is a rom based off a mix of AOSP & CyanogenMod sources.
It has no Motoblur.
No radio included (safe for 3g)

Latest Version: SuperOSR 2.1.1

- Latest Ngiordano awesome kernel, with Smartass v2
- 2 flavours:
· Standard Edition (es_ES, ca_ES, en_US, en_GB, de_DE, eu_ES, fr_FR, it_IT, pt_PT, pt_BR)
· Asian Edition (en_US, zh_CN, ja_JP, ko_KR, ru_RU, OpenWnn PinyinIME)
- MIUI-like Battery Bar (See config through SupSetup, Parts)
- Redesigned ringlock screen with fixed animation
- DSPManager, Parts: updated Simplified Chinese translations

Previous versions:


- Android 2.3.7
- Locales included: es_ES, ca_ES, en_US, en_GB, de_DE, eu_ES, fr_FR, it_IT, zh_CN, pt_PT, pt_BR, ru_RU
- The kernel used in this build is CM7's latest kernel, by Ngiordano
- Azerty patch available for French Dext users

- Thanks to the people who tested the rom
- Thanks to Google & all the people involved in the Android project for AOSP sources
- Thanks to Cyanogen & all the people involved in the CyanogenMod project for CM sources
- Thanks to Movilzona, Superatmel & all the members of SuperTeam for their work in the SuperOSR project
- Thanks especially to: Turl, Ngiordano, Csolanol, JassyCliq, Kb7sqi & J_r0dd for their work porting CM to the Cliq & CliqXT (I may forgot other, sorry)
- Thanks to all the people who have helped me so far.

Download latest version:

New links, wifi fixed (same 2.1.1 version)

Standard Edition: (md5: 95c461b0be9b9c8c8023ceb33b6df83d)
Asian Edition: (md5: ea161187f5689a8016aa9e75b5202640)
Azerty Patch: (md5: 8309b979bd56467672487eb17180bc97)

Previous builds: (md5: 57bfc5d2a57e4597b4eaa90e615b7f8d) (md5: eab604081d993e050bf64e2f28791be5) (md5: 807929e70fe88bdcc067a32f313eeb46)

- Be rooted
- Have a CWM Recovery (use my "1-click Recovery Flasher" aplication if you don't know how to do flash it)

- Reboot into recovery
- Wipe all
- Flash zip from SD card (choose the downloaded zip)

· Developer
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