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Team Tiamat Xoom Rom

This rom is presented to you buy the following winners:
MAD Industries

Special mentions:
  • Roach`- Without him, we would be nowhere!
  • Kelvie - Thanks for the wpa_supplicant
  • Everyone in #xoom for helping me test and all round support, you guys are amazing :)
  • The Synergy mod team and Treve for the various binaries we used from you guys, thanks :)
  • The cyanogen mod team as their source made implementing our quick controls a lot easier.

And now the rom!
Rom Features

This is a completely deodexed rom, based on the 3.2 wifi system image. However just because Google and Motorola haven't released 3.2 for the verizon xoom that doesn't mean we don't support it! Thats right. We support 3g devices on 3.2 before Google have even released it.

EPIC features
  • Quick Controls aka statusbar controls / "Zeus mod"
  • Tiamat settings
  • SDCard support via mtp. NOTE: your sdcard will now be at /mnt/external1
  • Modified application permissions to allow applications that can write to /sdcard to write to /mnt/external1
  • USB OTG (On The Go) support. Your usb drives will now be mounted automatically under /mnt/usbOTG
  • Android media services scan both internal and MicroSD for media (Gallery, Music, etc)
  • Fast boot times. Your boot times are simply amazing with this rom!
  • Complete localisation support. This means that we have complete support for european devices and their languages.
  • Screenshot support

General Features
  • Powered by Tiamat Kernel Tachi 2.1.0 (stock gpu).
  • Pre rooted with su and Superuser
  • Pre-installed busybox and iwmulticall.
  • Desktop UA String
  • Modified battery images & animations.
  • Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc Mode
  • Quickboot
  • OSMonitor

Advanced Features:
  • Init.d boot scripts enabled
  • OpenVPN binary and script - Credit CyanogenMod
  • Applications files (apk) located in /data/tiamat_first_boot_install will automatically be installed.
  • Applications are zipaligned on boot
  • Cron service

Important Notes : A MUST READ
  • Your microsd card is now mounted at /mnt/external1. You will also be able to access this via MTP.
  • If you're not on hammerhead, you need to perform a factory reset first.
  • This rom supports all wifi devices, US Verizon 3g devices and European devices.

Installation Instructions

Prerequisites: Clockworkmod Recovery card for installation.
(Only with an sdcard has been tested but all other cwm based recoveries should work too)

  1. OPTIONAL, BUT RECCOMENDED: Backup your internal applications with Titanium backup
  2. Download the 2.2 rom zip file and place it on your external sdcard
  3. Restart into Recovery
  4. Perform a nandroid backup, and keep this safe!
  5. Perform a factory reset within recovery (Wipe data / factory reset) This is only required if you're NOT upgrading from hammer head.
  6. Install the rom
  7. Welcome to the party

23 Posts
Download Center

Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.2.2 "Moray"
MD5sum: b8a2ca18954e63dad5aa6e704461ce9c

Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.2.1 "Moray"
MD5sum: 24c2afbade388cfb7a8d62b7fcef668d

Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.2.0 "Moray"
MD5sum: 50d5f7409dc865b29b67e213ff8cae5b

Bug reports & Feature requests

Forums are horrible for keeping track of bugs and feature requests. If you have a reproduceable bug, or a feature request, please create an issue for it at

Release Notes

2.2.2 Release Notes
Yet another update for the rom. Quite a few changes this time.

As usual, this can be flashed cleanly over 2.2.1.

-- solarnz.

2.2.1 Release Notes
You are able to flash 2.2.1 over 2.2.0 as it is mainly just bug fixes.

-- solarnz.

2.2.0 Release Notes
Boy has it been a busy last 2 weeks.

I have built a build system where we now do the majority of our coding in java. Yep java, not smali.
We now have quick controls, in the status bar settings menu.

This rom is mainly just a feature release. Unfortuantly if you had any issues regarding gmail in hammerhead, you will likely get the same issues in this release.

This rom is also still based of 3.2. Yeah I know I said I would be doing 3.2.2, but things change.
-- solarnz.


Version 2.2.2
  • The browser UA string setting now sticks.
  • Reverted to the stock User Agent string.
  • Bluetooth tethering work-around
  • Removed the DigiNotar certificate (3.2.1)
  • Updated the market application (3.2.1)
  • New setting to load every module on boot (disabled by default)
  • Disable OTAs by default. You can turn them back on through the settings.
  • Ability to completely disable the software buttons through
  • Ability to turn on the european wifi channels in the settings menu.

Version 2.2.1
  • We now use the GMail.apk from the Asus Prime rom.
  • Re-implemented the shutdown (power) menu.
  • Brought in DSPManager from cyanogenmod. You can also access this through the Music2 Application.
  • Fixed various force closes in Music and Clock applications.
  • You are now able to enable wifi & bluetooth via quick controls while airplane mode is active. You will need to enable this through the quick control settings first however.
  • Disabling rotation in the quick controls will now freeze the rotation of the screen, instead of locking at the landscape position.
  • New adbWireless quick control
  • More support for the Hong Kong partition layouts.
  • Overclocking will now write the values to both cores.
Version 2.2
  • Quick Controls
  • Tiamat Settings - set your overclock on boot, and many more!
  • Extra command line applications - nano, powertop etc
  • Bash is now the default shell
  • New Wireless, Mobile and battery icons from bignadad
  • Browser now has a selectable UA string in the general menu, no more enabling the debug mode.
  • OSMonitor is now included.
  • There is a nice fortune displayed on the lockscreen now.
  • New boot animation by phokus
  • More stuff I can't remember

Version 2.1
  • Fixed all the application signatures - Google applications should update fine now.
  • All of the language packs are now incorporated into this rom
  • European 3g support should be 100% working now.
  • Native screenshot is back

Version 2.0.1
  • Replaced the battery icons with new ones from Nusince
  • Updated the maps application. NOTE: This is just a temporary fix, and we are working on a permanent fix.
  • Fixed up the euro build.prop

Version 2.0
  • Rebased off the 3.2 wifi image.
  • 3G Support on Android 3.2
  • sdcard is now at /mnt/external1 and is viewable via MTP
  • Any application that can write to /sdcard can now write to /mnt/external1
  • usbOTG drives now mount at /mnt/usbOTG and act identically to the sdcard.
  • Now comes with the Katana 2.0 stock GPU kernel.
  • /MicroSD and /usbOTG synlinks to their respective locations in /mnt
  • Automatically modprobe all kernel modules, apart from the wireless module.
  • New wallpaper & charging icons

Version 1.1
  • Storage framework completely overhauled based on Transformer Rom Prime 1.5 (thanks Roach)
  • System now gives storage control thru status bar icon and in Settings / Storage
  • Unmount MicroSD, remove, put in another one for working Hot Swap
  • Automatically mount USB Host storage (unmount still broke do to borked vold.fstab)
  • All Android media services scan both internal and MicroSD for media (Gallery, Music, etc)
  • new native Transformer file explorer accessable thru status bar to explore all mounted storage
  • Unfortunately, USB Mass Storage is still broke. (It's turning out to be far more complex than it should be)
  • Entire rom re-signed with test key due to manifest changes for storage port. All services work 100% (Google music beta, Market, etc)
  • Implemented a variety of init.d scripts with "Tiamat Control" flags
  • Enable features by moving flags (/data/tiamat_controls) in or out of "unused" folder
  • Enable or diasble charging light while device on
  • Enable or disable logging for better battery life
  • sysctl memory tweak
  • Cron service enabled for time based scripts (put Cron scripts in /data/cron)
  • Rom zip-aligned on boot (still insanely fast boot time)
  • Included up-to-date Maps.apk and Video.apk
  • Removed bloatware (Cordy.apk, dungeondefenders.apk, and stingrayquickoffice.apk)
  • Changed back to mostly stock icons
  • Removed the charging percent text from the pull up settings.
  • When charging, it will now alternate between the battery percentage in the middle and a charging symbol.

Version 1.0 - Update 3 (Busybox fix)
  • Fixed the dependency that the ramdisk had on busybox, specifically run-parts.

Version 1.0 - Update 2 (charging light)
  • Enabled the led charging light in the ramdisk as per popular request.

Version 1.0 - 3g fix
  • Fixed permissions in /system/bin. This was causing issues with 3g connections.
  • Replaced framework-res.apk with a less modified version. There is no SIP calling and sms now, but the activation screens work now.


Automatically installing applications when you flash the rom:
In the zip file, under the directory "data" there is a directory called "tiamat_first_boot_install". You can place all of your apk files that you want installed when you first boot in there. This is useful for applications such as Thumb Keyboard and Titanium Backup​

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Hey everyone ,

New to the xoom but not new to deving or modding my devices. I am curious however, what do I need to do to get CWM to recognize my external sd card.

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"droidnp said:
It should automatically recognize it. The sdcard is under the external 1..
Thanks. Turned out I was using the wrong version of cwm. Switched to the correct recovery and it worked great. I am excited to start working on a theme for this.

Sent from my SGH-T959V using Black RootzWiki Forums

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Um, I can't seem to login using a Google account... upgraded from 2.0.1 to 2.2 . No fc's, but Google account isn't an option under settings and I can't get to market or any Google apps... any experience with this issue / fixes?

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phishfi said:
Um, I can't seem to login using a Google account... upgraded from 2.0.1 to 2.2 . No fc's, but Google account isn't an option under settings and I can't get to market or any Google apps... any experience with this issue / fixes?
Did you perform a data wipe / factory reset prior to upgrading the ROM? Install instructions say to perform wipe if coming from anything other than Hammerhead (2.1). Might be what is causing the problem.

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Love this rom! My xoom is so fast, smooth and responsive. The quick controls are great. Thanks for all the hard work!

Your personal savior & black Jesus
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I for one would like to say this thread is veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry tricky. An update to 2.2.2 and not even a thread title update - very sneaky sir.

Also since the boom with 3.2.2 and everyone (that is cool) is getting the LTE upgrade are we going to see a new Tiamat ROM? If the hold up is thinking of new shark type.. I'd like to suggest Mako or Sandtiger. :grin3:

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Hi, new to the forum - my question is there a way to go from katana to moray 2.2 without having redo all my apps, email setup etc etc - while I really like what eveyrone is saying i'd rather not have to redo all my stuff if i can avoid it? thanks to everyone that works on this - simply amazing! awesome awesome

Your personal savior & black Jesus
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I'm fairly certain katana is a kernel & moray is a ROM. Flashing katana merely changes the kernel while Moray will update your over-all experience (and kernel). If you want to flash Moray 2.2(.2) I would do Titanium Backup, Nandroid backup, then flash the Moray ROM. You'll have to log in to your gMail account but things like wifi & bluetooth should come back automagically. Once you're in use TiBu to restore user apps & their data. Restoring system apps is frowned upon but if it works for you go ahead & try.
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