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Team Tiamat v1.1 has arrived, with all kinds of great features. Many of which you have come to expect and love from Team Tiamat, and many new ones as well.

All standard warnings apply. Any time you modify you Xoom, you do so at your own risk. Be sure you know what you are doing, along with all possible outcomes! This info is posted only as reference, and if you decide to make ANY changes on your device, you do so at your own risk!! Nobody, but yourself, is responsible if you brick your device, or run into any other problems. Proceed with caution. Or at least knowledge.

Team Tiamat:
MAD Industries

I am in no way affiliated with Team Tiamat, just a big fan who wanted to bring the info to my favorite forum :grin2:

Additional Help by:
Roach`- Without him, we would be nowhere!
Kelvie - Thanks for the wpa_supplicant
Steady Hawkin - Init.d support
Jewremy - For the battery circle mod
Bazar6 - For fixing up the icons left over from themeing.

ROM Features:
This is a completely deodexed rom, based on the stock verizon 3g system image. This means that you will continue to recieve the latest google applications delivered to your device, such as Google Music.

EPIC features

SDCARD SUPPORT. Now you are able to unmount, mount, format your sdcards on the fly with this rom. Simply unmount the sdcard by pressing on the sdcard logo in the notification area, and hitting the disconnect button (to the far right). Your sdcard is also now mounted under /Removable/MicroSD
USB OTG (On The Go) support. Your usb drives will now be mounted automatically under /Removable/USBdisk1
Android media services scan both internal and MicroSD for media (Gallery, Music, etc)
Fast boot times. Your boot times are simply amazing with this rom!
Storage controls in the notification area and in the settings menu!

General Features

Powered by Tiamat Kernel 1.4.5 OC GPU - pre-release but stable.
Pre rooted with su and Superuser
Pre-installed busybox and iwmulticall.
Desktop UA String
CRT Screen Off Animation (Has known issues)
Supercircle 100 point battery
Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc Mode
Estrongs File Explorer
Easy charging light controls

Advanced Features:

Init.d boot scripts enabled
local.init.rc enabled in system/etc
OpenVPN binary and script - Credit CyanogenMod
Applications files (apk) located in /data/tiamat_first_boot_install will automatically be installed.
Applications are zipaligned on boot
Cron service

Prerequisites: Clockworkmod Recovery (Recovery R4C is still reccomended) and a MicroSD card for installation.

OPTIONAL, BUT RECCOMENDED: Backup your internal applications with Titanium backup
Download the 1.1 Rom, and place it on your external sdcard
Restart into Recovery
Perform a nandroid backup, and keep this safe!
Perform a factory reset within recovery (Wipe data / factory reset)
Install the rom
Welcome to the party
Once you have setup your device, it will require a reboot for external storage to mount.

Your microsd card is now mounted at /Removeable/MicroSD. Unfortuantly this means that you are no longer able to copy files directly to your sdcard over MTP.
You must perform a wipe before installing this rom unless you are currently running the beta we released.
If you're on a EURO 3G device, please note that this rom should install the correct build.prop for you, but you will still need to backup & push your telephony databases. See here.
My(android23) Note: From what I am reading, along with the obvious instructions included with the ROM, it is again OK to wipe from within CWM Recovery!

These instructions are assuming you are on Tiamat v1.0. If not, the instructions may be exactly the same, but I advise you to check the other Team Tiamat original threads(links included) to be safe.

**Don't forget to wipe if you are coming from anything but the test version of v1.1!!**

Team Tiamat Xoom v1.1


source- XDA

Team Tiamat v1.0- XDA

CWM Recovery for Xoom. v3.2.0.0(R4C)- XDA

If you like the ROM and would like to donate(To BRD, not myself):

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Changelog for Version 1.1

*Storage framework completely overhauled based on Transformer Rom Prime 1.5 (thanks Roach)
*System now gives storage control thru status bar icon and in Settings / Storage
*Unmount MicroSD, remove, put in another one for working Hot Swap
*Automatically mount USB Host storage (unmount still broke do to borked vold.fstab)
*All Android media services scan both internal and MicroSD for media (Gallery, Music, etc)
*new native Transformer file explorer accessable thru status bar to explore all mounted storage
*Unfortunately, USB Mass Storage is still broke. (It's turning out to be far more complex than it should be)
*Entire rom re-signed with test key due to manifest changes for storage port. All services work 100% (Google music beta, Market, etc)
*Implemented a variety of init.d scripts with "Tiamat Control" flags
*Enable features by moving flags (/data/tiamat_controls) in or out of "unused" folder
*Enable or diasble charging light while device on
*Enable or disable logging for better battery life
*sysctl memory tweak
*Cron service enabled for time based scripts (put Cron scripts in /data/cron)
*Rom zip-aligned on boot (still insanely fast boot time)
*Included up-to-date Maps.apk and Video.apk
*Removed bloatware (Cordy.apk, dungeondefenders.apk, and stingrayquickoffice.apk)
*Changed back to mostly stock icons
*Removed the charging percent text from the pull up settings.
*When charging, it will now alternate between the battery percentage in the middle and a charging symbol.

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SS of some of the features. Notice the built-in screenshot feature and the ability to control the SD card from notification bar. I believe the SD cards are "hot swappable" now. Also, from earlier hints by the team, I believe we will have a detailed view of storage on our SD cards.

Photo by: BigRushDog

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Yea, please do! I'm excited to try it out, but I have an interview at VerizonWireless shortly and don't wanna flash it now when I won't be able to mess around with it! Sounds like it's gonna be pretty good tho. Judging from all of Team Tiamat's previous kernels/ROMs, I'm pretty confident that I'm gonna be happy with it :)

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The developer responsible for maintaining this Rom on this forum has posted the new info, so i'm going to close this thread, please go to the official thread for comments and support. Thanks!
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