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File Name: TNz BLEND
File Submitter: Gman
File Submitted: 09 Jan 2012
File Updated: 09 Jan 2012
File Category: Epic 4G Touch

Thanks To
- Samsung, Mijjah74, Gruesomewolf, Droidiac13, XSMagical, Calkulin, Viperboy, PhantomHacker, crawrj, konane, maddoggin, chris41g, Steady Hawkin, Necrosan, Venum, rujelus22, Tiffany84, Overstew, AvatarOfFrost and everyone else in the Sammy forum that got things rolling

The Goods
Newest build is Based off EL26 build
- Very Stable
- Very Fast (tks Calkulin for a couple tweaks)
-- Quadrant over 6000
- Cleaned, Stripped most Languages(Spanish still in there)
-- Provided more speed thanks to freeing up ram
- Removed lots of Bloat
- CIQ Removed,tested at 170 (tks konane & Gruesomewolf)
- Optimized all APKs and some jars
- AIO Mod (tks crawrj, maddoggins, and more)
-- Includes lockmod (EG30 Rom Only), wifi tether, crt on/off, 1% battery, reboot, recovery, download, rotation lag fix, screen rotation, no battery full notification (blue led still shows) and 14 statusbar toggles mods in both ciq and nociq versions
- Long press pulldown toggles to go directly to corresponding settings
- Hotspot Hack now with 4g (tks Necrosan, crawrj, Maddoggin)
- Rogue v1.3.0 "Desperado" Kernel(tks Steady Hawken)
--- We have not had a single LOS with this rom using this combination of build and kernel.
- Modded TW Launcher (tks Calkulin & Gruesomewolf)
--- 5 Column/5 Row App Drawer
--- 5 Dock Icons
- Custom Bootanimation and Banner (tks jamieg71)
- COMPLETE GLASS THEME (tks lots Bill Bowers)
--- And thanks Tiffany84, Team Venum, Droidiac13 and others for some themed apps and images.
--- Gonna provide a "stockish" version also
- Some Inverted Apps (tks rujelus22)
- ICS Screen Transitions
- ICS Keyboard
- More Speed & Performance Tweaks
- Added Team Noc Folder to SDCard
-- Kernel Folder with some of Rogues Best
-- Performance Script Folder
-- Removed Apps Folder
- Lots of customization and Tweaks, If there is something you want us to add, just let us know.

Whats not working
- Please let us know

Things to do
- Faster
- Smoother
- Finish Theme
- More awesome

Click here to download this file
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