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[ROM] [TORO] [JB] The return of RootzBoat!

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This is the beginning of the return for RoootzBoaaaat.

Built from source, fresh from AOSP--Android 4.1.1

We are changing our focus a bit to speed and stability rather than 1000 features. Hopefully you guys will like it.

Build 2 - Beta - 07-12
Camera/Camcorder fixed - no need to dirty install from previous JB ports
WifiTether Fixed
Voice Search Fixed - no longer have to download offline pack to make it work
SuperSU added to build
Insecure boot - adb remount, etc working now
Root Explorer was updated on the app side, no more issues there

New GApps with the help of Kejar31 adds:
--App restore fixed
--New Music
--New YouTube
--New Gmail
--other random bits

Build 1 - Beta build
Built from AOSP source
su installed, download SuperSU or Superuser apks whichever you prefer.
Install busybox from market "Busybox installer or other"
Google Now/Voice Search works with included Gapps.
RootzBoat wallpapers included
Toro volume fixes applied
Correct ERI included
Various VZW bits included..

This is obviously the second build of this ROM. Fixes and adds will be coming super quick, but wanted to get this out there to give you crackflashers something to do today.

DISCLAIMER: As usual, I am not responsible for what happens to your phone or your life as a result of flashing this. By rooting your device you have already voided your warranty. Proceed with caution. (I know its not the 13th..) - fixed Bookmarks sync (I know its not the 14th.........) - fixed Picasa sync.. ..

Install RootzBoat zip
reboot, have fun.
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Only one thing I wish and it's not a huge deal, but I'd love to see the new Google Music app that was from the GSM OTA incorporated into here. It seems a little better than the one from the play store to me at least.
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Same thing here with a long boot time, but other than that this ROM is titties
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Anyone have the quick dash apk? Or is it not compatible with JB? Also I'm guessing it was a system app in Rootz?
Usually I find any reason to switch to a new ROM to fill my crackflashing addiction, but I seriously have been on Beta 2 for like a week and haven't found a single thing to make me switch. It's upsettingly great... good work xoomdev mighty impressive
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Try beta 3, it's even better and you can satisfy a crack flash
Haha I think that's exactly what I'm going to do.
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