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[ROM] [TORO] [JB] The return of RootzBoat!

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This is the beginning of the return for RoootzBoaaaat.

Built from source, fresh from AOSP--Android 4.1.1

We are changing our focus a bit to speed and stability rather than 1000 features. Hopefully you guys will like it.

Build 2 - Beta - 07-12
Camera/Camcorder fixed - no need to dirty install from previous JB ports
WifiTether Fixed
Voice Search Fixed - no longer have to download offline pack to make it work
SuperSU added to build
Insecure boot - adb remount, etc working now
Root Explorer was updated on the app side, no more issues there

New GApps with the help of Kejar31 adds:
--App restore fixed
--New Music
--New YouTube
--New Gmail
--other random bits

Build 1 - Beta build
Built from AOSP source
su installed, download SuperSU or Superuser apks whichever you prefer.
Install busybox from market "Busybox installer or other"
Google Now/Voice Search works with included Gapps.
RootzBoat wallpapers included
Toro volume fixes applied
Correct ERI included
Various VZW bits included..

This is obviously the second build of this ROM. Fixes and adds will be coming super quick, but wanted to get this out there to give you crackflashers something to do today.

DISCLAIMER: As usual, I am not responsible for what happens to your phone or your life as a result of flashing this. By rooting your device you have already voided your warranty. Proceed with caution. (I know its not the 13th..) - fixed Bookmarks sync (I know its not the 14th.........) - fixed Picasa sync.. ..

Install RootzBoat zip
reboot, have fun.
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WHATS UP WITH THE GAAP LINKS...they seem to be not working.

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Dirty flashed by accident, just forgot to hit wipe in between backup and install. Running ok so far!
I didn't kow this till recently that AOSP Roms will erase/clear system for you, so I'm not surprised your having some luck with that. files on goo got deleted. I've been experimenting right now with them. In the meantime use goo's I suppose.

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Your gapps are very popular at , they keep asking for them on my Google apps thread I posted there. http://forums.androi...-aka-gaaps.html I'd be honoured if you chimed in to say "WHAAA's UP"!
XD. I do that with romtoolbox's scripter

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Is the DNS manager the same kind of thing on ROM Manager? I mean does this do the same thing your scripts do?

Ok I think I understand this after reading it a couple of times, thanks. N i cE trick!

I'm hoping this will help with my worksites wifi connections.

Tapatalk sent from the future.
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