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Team ToXic Presents "ToXiC MuZiC" & ToXiC SmOkIn MuZiC 5 Lock & 7 Lock Theme Option XWJSD 2.2.1 Rom


2.2.1 XWJSD Based Rom (Newest Build)
I900o Camera Hack With Front Facing Camera Support
70Zip Mod
Juwe's Ram Script
Others Tweaks and Technical functions (Compliments of the ChuMaster)
Completely Themed Framework & TW Framework Edits (By me & Dilym34)
Rom Built and themed by request of users
Super Stable, Smooth, and Fast
Balix-X 1.8.7_ UV Uncapped kernel (Compliments of Dr. Honk)
Voodoo 9 (diasabled upon flash) enable and reboot.
Themed Dialer (Compliments of Dilym34)
Themed Facebook Widget
Themed Twitter Widget
Themed Google Search
Black & Orange Market
Black & Orange Swype
Black & Orange Gingerbread Keyboard
Themed Custom Black & Orange Toxic Launcher


Install Instructions

Place rom on your internal sdcard
Boot into clockwork recovery
Perform a factory reset, wipe data/cache
Select the zip file and flash.
Clean Cache Partition
Wipe Dalvic Cache
Fix Permissions
Once it is finished reboot. Then, enjoy sexy!!!!

LauncherPro Settings

1. General Settings Choose (Keep in Memory)
2. Behavior Setting Choose (Home key to default)
3 Advanced Setting (Set Minimum Scrolling Speed to 10)
4. Use 3d drawer
5 Opening Speed ( Set to 10)
6 Opening Speed (Set to 10)

Activating GPS

Flash sgps zip attached to this post and once flashed in CW (wipe dalvic cache) and reboot.

Download link

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ToXiC SmOkIn MuZiC


Super Responsive, Smoother and Hella Fast! (Debloated)
Voodoo 9 disabled (To enable navigate to Vodoo Folder in file manager and delete "disable Voodoo text" then reboot.)
Super Battery Life (Drain Battery down at least 1 cycle and you won't believe how good battery life is on this rom) or Flash at 100%.
Htc Sensation Icons (Wifi, Media Scanning, Data Signal and others) by Chichu_9
Framework Tweaks & Edits (Chu-Master_9):)
Toxic Theming (Dillym34m)
Darkys Tridib_Ram Tweak
5 lock & 7 Lock Flashable Theme Option
7 Lock (Hide Am/Pm & Clock Toggle)
Fixed Haptic Home Feedback
Super Build Prop Tweaks (Courtesy Of Masters & Slaves)
Smoke Port From Firefly Series (Dfuse Captivate FF Series)
Custom Launcher With Custom Wallpapers (See attached Below)
Smoke TW3 themed (See attached apk)
Smoke Pulldown Notification
Smoke Themed Miui Player
Smoke MMS
Smoke Gmail
Smoke Google Search
Smoke Contacts
Smoke Dialer
Blacked Out Dolphin Browser (Esconachos DroidX Themer)
Zeam 3.01 (Newest Version) Awesome Launcher!!!
Toxic Youtube (High Definition Streaming)
Upgrade to Bali-X 1.1 1.2ghz kernel with (Voltage Control Capacity) (Dr. Honk)
Memory Booster
SD Booster 1.5 (Best results are at 2048 or 3072) Check Set at boot)
Toxic Twitter
Toxic Facebook
Voltage Control 3.0
5 Lock & 7 Lock Themes Coming

5 Lock & 7 Lock Screenies

To see Optimal Speed Use Follow These Steps:

1. After Flash navigate to to Systems/Apps/Data/Dalvic Cache with root explorer select all and delete. Reboot Phone.

2. LauncherPro Settings: Set Minimum Scrolling speed to 100
Opening Speed to 10
Opening Speed to 10
Use 3D Drawer

3. Set SD Boost App to 2048 or 3072 and Check Set on Boot.

4. Use Memory Boost to Free Up additional Ram and set up other optimization tweaks and maintenance.

Voltage Control Settings

Dr. Honk's Voltage Control Settings Can only be used with Bali-X 1.1

My settings is as follow:

12000 : -25
10000 : -25
800 : -50
400 : -50

Download Link For SmOkIn

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5 Lock Themes
Toxic Black&Silver
Toxic Blue & Chrome
Toxic Green & Chrome
Toxic Andromeister
Toxic Orange & Chrome
Toxic Purple'n'Honey Original theme by Antonda I9000 Developer
Toxic Blue'Eye'd Honey theme by Antonda I9000 Developer
ToxicRedline theme by Antonda I9000 Developer
ToxicDark NeonRedX
ToxicDark NeonBlueX
ToxicDark NeonPurple Jungle

BlueHoney & Redline Dialer Files. Extract and push to Systems/Apps with Root Explorer.
Blue Honey Dialer
Redline Dialer

7 Lock Themes
Silver 7Lock Theme
Orange & Chrome
Red & Chrome
Toxic Nebula (Train Theme)
Smoke Launcher2
Smoke Tw3

Note: All Themes from Bi-winning are compatible with this rom once you flash a 7 Lock Theme. Framework has been tweaked for compatibility even though Bi-winning is a different 2.2.1 build. All of this has been made possible by Chichu_9 so please hit his thank you button.
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