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  • Complete Trigger rebuild from T-Mobile's 2.2 KB5
  • KB5 Voodoo Kernel (Thanks drhonk!)
  • KB5 Modem
  • Trigger theme
  • EDT Tweaks
  • FUGU Tweaks
  • Toggle AM/PM & Toggle Clock
  • Black market
  • Includes Gingerbread Keyboard & Swype Installer
  • 6 Lock Screens & Shutdown Menu
  • Launcher Pro & TouchWiz Launchers included
  • Modded Camera, works under low battery, hold power button to focus
  • Comes with Battery Calibration app by marosige. Please head over to his thread and thank him for allowing me to include it.

<br />
[B][U]v3.2 Final[/U][/B]<br />
-updated visual voicemail<br />
-updated maps<br />
-fixed dialer<br />
<br />
<br />
[B][U]v3.1[/U][/B]<br />
[I][COLOR="green"]I've beat the hell out Froyo, <br />
so this will likely be the final release. Time to move on to Gingerbread![/COLOR][/I]<br />
<br />
-no low battery popup<br />
--- will still popup on lock screens<br />
-added stay awake option<br />
-new installation method (read carefully below)<br />
-fixed pull down in call (speakerphone/mute now both visible)<br />
<br />
now for the theme changes<br />
-themed mms/calendar from creeve4 (thank him, they are AMAZING)<br />
-themed system icons from the one and only Annex (amazing work, <3)<br />
-themed power widget from Annex<br />
-themed dialer<br />
-readded gingerbread launcher & themed<br />
-new data icons (gingerbread, but Trigger themed)<br />
-new battery charging icons, don't look as ugly<br />
<br />
[B][U]v3.0.1[/U][/B]<br />
-fixed puzzle lock screen funky text<br />
-removed the T-Mobile channel from market<br />
<br />
[B][U]v3[/U][/B]<br />
-initial release <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /><br />

Since there's some confusion. THESE ARE NOT FLASHABLES.
Download Metamorph. Turn on debugging. Unzip the theme. Apply. Reboot. Repeat if it doesn't take the first time.

-Semi Accurate battery mod - screenshot - goes down in 5% increments!
-Accurate battery mod
-Restore to default battery-mod
-Minimal Matte Accurate Battery Mod - screenshot
-Circle Battery Mod - Screenshot
-Flying Animations
-Black dialer background, thanks ^Fs!

Installing via ROM Manager
  1. choose Trigger (top = newest version)
  2. make your selections on what you want with your ROM
  3. I recommend backing up your current ROM
  4. continue - device will now flash and do all selected processes
  5. let ROM sit 10m at least
  6. read the first 2 posts while waiting, then re read them for good measure
  7. enjoy!

Installing it Yourself
  1. Put Trigger ZIP & other apps you may want to install on your SD
  2. boot into recovery
  3. flash as normal

  • untermensch - deodex tool, his modded redbend, lockscreens, everything else he does <3
  • supercurio for voodoo
  • whitehawkx -6 lockscreens, deodexed base, no clock toggle (!!!) being awesome (!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • camalot for wp7 gingy kb, puzzle lockscreen cleanup
  • dysgenic & Ash - boot animation
  • creeve - shutdown animation
  • 00.ante- black market
  • Frostman89/Xeudoxus & sbrissen- original AM/PM mod
  • s0niqu3/Jocelyn
  • Jocelyn - "H" mod, APM/PM toggle, modified market source
  • ultra spikey - images for super badass puzzle unlock screen
  • eugene - his modified gb launcher & being awesome
  • jdanisevich - gingerbread icons
  • drhonk - kb5 voodoo kernel
  • einherjar dev team \m/

Download 3.2.
md5: 1564abd8ab1af3e33da730ab023ea967

  • Apps Included
  • Battery Calibration App
  • Bloater
  • Launcher Pro
  • Quick Boot
  • SGS Tools
  • Swype Installer
  • Titanium Backup
  • TouchWiz 3.0 Launcher
  • Trigger Wallpapers App

Also, here are some apps you may want on a fresh install. Download any you may need, move to sd, flash ROM (be sure to follow instructions above), flash apps you want. Done.

Trigger Archive - older version, mods, etc

HashTab - an amazing application to check hash values on Windows/OSX
When you download the Trigger zip, right click the zip file > properties > hashes. If your md5 hash matches up with the one given, then you've downloaded the same file I've uploaded! If not, redownload

Q: Do I need to disable Voodoo?
A: No

Q: How's the battery life?
A: It's great! But it will be different based on your phone usage, kernel, modem, signal strength, apps you use, sync status. It's incredibly hard to tell you the exact amount of hours you'll have


Q: What kernels can I use with this ROM
A: Any Froyo kernel (most of them now). Voodoo kernels, OverStock, Tiger's Blood, and Dead Horse should work fine

Q: Will Trigger 2.9 themes work?
A: They should work fine, but they are based on KB1 framework, this is KB5. If you experience any funky business, please try and replicate it on a fresh flash of Trigger

Q: Can I flash NON Trigger themes on this?
A: Sure! But expect problems. Trigger framework is different from other ROMs and you may run into issues/slowdowns using themes not made for Trigger.

Q: Does Wifi Calling work on this?
A: Absolutely, check the attached zip file in the OP.

Q: Can I flash when I'm not at 100% battery?
A: Technically, you can. But be prepared for funny battery life until you calibrate.

Q: My icon now shows "H" and "3G," what the hell?
A: I've applied a mod to show when your phone is in HSDPA vs UMTS (3G). When you're on H, this means is that you have the capability to get higher speeds. It doesn't mean you will, just means you can (there area slew of other factors, signal, signal strength, T-Mo network, etc).

Q: Help! The accurate battery mod is stuck while I'm flashing it!
A: Reread the OP and you'll notice that it's a Metamorph mod, not a CWM flashable zip

Q: My stock sounds are gone!
A: Flash this through CWM

Q: My GPS sucks! What do I do!
A: Try and flash the attached to the above post. If that doesn't fix it, it could be a hardware issue at that point.

Q: I'm having MMS issues!
A: Read this post

Q: My phone is acting funny and things seem to not be working, what do I do?
A: Clear market data for market issues. Clear cache & dalvik cache in recovery for other issues.

Q: I'm flashing a mod and it just gets stuck at installing, what do I do?
A: It's not a flashable, it's a Metamorph mod. Turn USB debugging on, install it, and apply through it
If it doesn't work the first time, try again.

Q: Why is my calendar missing tabs on the days I have activities?
A: That is just how the included calendar is made, it is not a bug. Creeve has made an alternate version with the tab. Find it here.

Q: How can I restore the default Trigger 3.2 theme?
A: Flash the zip file attached to the OP

NOTE: This is a little older than Project V, however I decided to post it because it because it's more of a complete "experience" due to the heavy themeing & commonly asked questions
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