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Let's test this out...

Please only flash this if you know what you're doing, I don't have a GS4G so I can't test everything.

Some of the things I included
  • Based on Whitehawkx's & drhonk's KD1
  • KD1 Kernel
  • Bali 2.1UV Kernel
  • Trigger Theme
  • FUGU tweaks
  • EDT Init Tweaks (fixes permissions on start up / ram hacks / other tweaks )
  • Read ahead cache set to 2048kb
  • Custom startup/shutdown animations
  • Removed most bloat
  • removed startup sound (I think I left shutdown sound in...)
  • ZegoeUI Font
  • Nexus S sounds
  • Modded build prop
  • Removed T-Mobile tab from market
  • Included black themed market
  • Added WP7 Gingerbread keyboard
  • TWiz & EB Productions Gingerbread Launcher
  • Included a couple apps (titanium, rom manager, battery callibration, quickboot, spareparts)

Flashing Instructions
Please ensure this is what your mounts look like in CWM recovery. Or else it will not boot.
-flash ROM
-then let the rom sit 10 minutes

I believe I fixed the permissions issue with 0.2_1, however just in case, here's the fix thanks to corradokng
adb shell<br />
su (go to phone select allow)<br />
cd /data<br />
busybox chmod 771 /data/app<br />
busybox chmod 644 /data/app/*<br />
<br />
0.4<br />
-inlcuded bali kernel (thanks drhonk)<br />
--- this allows init.d to work which allows tweaks to be executed properly<br />
--- also allows my permission script to run, it will fix your permissions every time you reboot<br />
- no more FCs, all apps work on first boot<br />
<br />
0.3_2<br />
-settings restored (had the lockscreen one, causing issues)<br />
-framework restored (same thing, left in the lockscreen one)<br />
-both of these fixed the Mms crashing issue<br />
-you must mount system, data, and cache for it to flash properly.<br />
<br />
0.3<br />
-fixed big & ugly quickpanel bar<br />
-optimized version<br />
-everything should work without having to mount /system /data and /cache, but it doesn't hurt <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /><br />
<br />
0.2_2<br />
-fixed the fixed fixed permissions<br />
-mounting in updater-script testing<br />
<br />
0.2_1<br />
-removed lock screens until we can get it working without FC in the browser<br />
-updated version to display correctly<br />
-fixed fixed permissions (??? let's hope!)<br />
0.2<br />
-fixed gingerbread keyboard fc<br />
-re-added Samsung boot sequence so it's not blank (if you use a kernel that supports you will see the trigger one)<br />
-added Corrandokng's port of Whitehawkx's lockscreens, power menu, & clock options<br />
-fixed permissions on /data/app<br />
-added Bloater, I will add apps in later (please don't try and download Vibrant apps, you may be sorry if you do and it doesn't play nice)<br />
-added zipalign apps at boot (thank the darkyyrom team for their better zipalign script)<br />
-added Trigger theming to dialer & settings<br />
-removed some more bloat
Download 0.4 - Mirror
md5: 5D48D3CD58CFB5E63D64D66E614A656C


0.3 Bugs
-factory restore doesn't work in Settings
-have to uninstall apps that come with it for some

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