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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Difficult

Mod Base:: TouchWiz (Samsung)

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Optional:: Deodexed

Requires Root:: No

Optional:: Smali Edits

Android Version:: 4.1.1 (JB)

This is a port of Tweaked for the T-Mobile Note 2. It was ported by taking the changes and merging them into the VZW firmware, not by just replacing a few files. I will continue to maintain this and update it with the T-Mobile version, and also with future VZW Updates. It is TouchWiz and based on the latest OTA, VRALL4. I'm also working with dwitherell on some changes, though he did most of the work. There is a laundry list of changes, so see the main thread for a full change list. I'll put some basic stuff here though.

  • Deodexed
  • Debloated
  • Rooted
  • Busybox (compiled by me)
  • Hacked Mobile Hotspot to ignore provisioning (tether without the plan)
  • N7100 Boot and Shutdown animations/sounds
  • Change Clock Position and Display
  • Battery Icon/Number/Color/MIUI
  • Hide Status Bar Icons
  • TW Launcher with 4x5 grid
  • All Apps in Multi-Window
  • Toggles that will blow your mind
  • NFC with screen off, lockscreen, or standard
  • Lockscreen changes
  • Chrome Replaces Browser
  • Some changes to Mms
  • Camera Modified to ignore the battery
  • APN Editor
  • Removed Wifi Nag and Non-VZW SIM Message
  • Removed Backup Assistent
  • Will always display "Normal" for device status
  • Reboot Options

Known Issues
Setup Wizard craps out on you. Just leave setup and things work fine.
Samsung provided widgets get cut-off on Launcher

To Do List
Add in more sounds
Fix Setup Wizard
Figure out what changes the headphone volume
Basic Aroma Options

There is more, and many of the things are available in the other ROMs posted here as well. Feel free to use whomever's ROM you want, I'm just posting this for some variety :) I'll get screenshots and some other information posted later, but for now, to get this out to the masses, you're getting a fairly simple post. Download link will be below.

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I'm getting a "Status 7" error when installing, WTF?
Update recovery. The recovery that is flashed during unlock does not process asserts properly (was compiled for a different model Note 2). You need to update recovery to fix it.

I flashed the ROM, now I'm looping on the Samsung boot logo, why did you break my phone?
If you read the title, this is a ROM. It is not a ROM+Kernel. If you weren't on a TouchWiz ROM beforehand and you are coming to this, you need to flash a kernel before going out of recovery. Otherwise, your phone isn't going to work.

Where is Aroma?
I'm looking into it, but don't expect miracles when it does show up.

What the hell is TSMParts (new option in Settings menu)?
A huge slew of mods and tweaks originally put together by the original members of TSM and inspired by impressive works of numerous others - the TSMParts interface acts as a control for all of the customizable fun available. There are a large number of options there - so make sure to check them all out!

I set a statusbar icon to hide, but it's still there. What gives?
The statusbar icon tweaks may require a little effort on your part for changes to take effect. All changes can be elicited with a reboot/hotboot, BUT for most there are other ways:
-- Bluetooth/vibrate-silent/alarm icons/ime -- just change their state (on/off or vibrate/sound, etc)
-- No sim -- if the notification is already active you will need to reboot/hotboot to hide it

How does this One Hand toggle work?
The toggle, when on, forces ALL one-hand options to be selected. When off, it reverts the settings to WHATEVER they were before the toggle was turned on. This is still a work in progress, but it's a start. That being said - I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it :)

The toggles in the pulldown are suddenly a weird large size (width) - what gives?
This happens sometimes (usually if auto-rotate is enabled) - all you need to do to "reset" the size of the toggles is enable auto-rotate, then go into an app that allows for rotation and ...well, rotate. Rotate back and check the pulldown - all should be well once again.

This is the best thing since sliced bread, can I make it rain?
Since dwitherell did most of the hard work, it'd be great if you donated to him first. Otherwise, you can click the DONATE button to the left, or click here, it's appreciated, but not expected. Clicking thanks on the posts also works.

This thing is worse than Tub Girl, how do I go back to what I had before?
Restore your phone from a backup. Didn't backup before you flashed? Guess you should have

I'm having a problem, FIX IT NAO!!!1!
Send me the output from logcat as well as details of what you do when you see the problem. If you don't know how to get info from logcat, see here. If you still can't get the info, I guess you'll just have to deal with it.

Can we get XYZ feature added?
Link to it, and I'll talk it over with dwitherell

Why don't you mention blah blah blah in your FAQ? It would have helped me a lot!
My bad - PM me anything you think should be added to this that would be helpful for the general user base! :)

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Change Log
Original Release

Update to bring it inline with Tweaked 1.4
Updated Busybox
Switch to koush's Superuser from SuperSU
Update Google Apps with latest from the Play Store

Update to Tweaked 1.5
Battery Icon Charging Animations and updated "stock" battery icons
Added SSuggest/SuggestionService for more S-Pen functionality
Android 4.2 Keyboard
Updated Busybox
Updated apps from Play Store

320 Release
320 Update - Use this to update from 303 to 320

303 Release
303 Update - Use this if you're on the original release to update to the latest release (smaller download)

Original Release

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Best rom out there and no other touch wiz rom offers the customization this does. Few minor issues but nothing major. The screen flashes black during transitions between phone/messages and the home screen due to the transparent backgrounds in the dialer and messaging app...awesomeness by the way. I'm looking forward to future updates and more beautiful customizable stuff. Found my new dd and loving it. Great work nuts

Ohhh yeah....addisg said he would look into porting the Alexander theme in a future update, the one he ported for the jedi roms....amazing theme

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Hats off to you Imnuts. You fixed us Verizon Note 2 users up with Tweaked even though Dwitherell is on TMobile now. Thanks big time man.

Sent from my SCH-I605 with Tweaked Rom using Tapatalk 2

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I personally believe this is the best ROM available for us Verizon Galaxy Note 2 users right now. Its unbelievable smooth with some real nice goodies in the TSM Parts sections.

Thanks imnuts!!

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Any chance we will get some TweakTools support?

Loved that feature on the Charge. I'm running this now and it is just as awesome as it is on my Charge. Glad that its available.

Keep up the fine work gentlemen!!

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Wow. I've had Tweaked on mine and my wifes Charges for the past two years. I handed mine down to my son and my wifes to my daughter still runnin tweaked. I got the Note II and the wifey S3. We both went with Clean Rom Lite Perseus Kernel on mine and Lean on hers. I finally got my phone to where i like it last week in regards to theming and installing a ton of mods and apps. and both of are phones are running like beasts. What to do??????? I love the customazation capabilities of Tweaked i had on the Charge with TSM and Tweaktools which i dont have now. My eyes popped out of their sockets when i saw this. I giuess I'll be flashing tonight again.

Tweaktools would be sweet though. Thanks for this guys.
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