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Build 12/06

Not a whole lot changed. Don't ask for a changelog. You should know by now where to find that info.

Build 11/14

Hella changes. Pushed to 7.2.0 RC0

Build 11/10

Minor changes.

Build 11/07


Build 11/06

Who knows anymore. Check github.

Build 11/04

A few fixes/changes. First build using the new naming convention that is easier to understand/track.

Build #21

Misc changes. List of updates can be found here:

Build #20

PowerWidget : Sound mode fix

Build #19

Minor edits to framework and battery icon. 10:30 AM EST 10/27/2011

Build #18

Fixes notification power widget (hopefully)

Build #17

Plenty of updates to framework. 5:30 PM EST 10/22/2011

Build #16

Updated framework, Phone, Settings and CMParts with the mainline. Updates aplenty. NO MIUI bar! 12:00 PM EST 10/21/2011

Build #15 MIUI Battery Bar

Same as build #15 but with an MIUI-like battery bar which is experimental. Could be broken. Backup first!

Build #15

Misc merges/additions. Up to date with Slayher's Git. 09:00 PM EST

Build #14

Translations and other misc changes. Up to date with mainline up to 4:00 PM EST

Build #13

Updates to A2dp and Ring lockscreen. Other minor updates, up to date with mainline up to 4:45 PM EST

Build #12

Potentially broken. Please make a backup! Sync'd with mainline. Current as of 12:45 AM EST.

Build #11

Sync'd with mainline. Same as Slayher's release from today. Current as of 11:30 PM EST.

Build #10

Missed some changes in the mainline. Libaudio, Ring Lockscreen, Calendar widget updated. Current as of 9:28 AM EST.

Build #9

Updated with mainline & Slayher's new sources. Current with mainline up to 09/29/2011 3:30 AM EST.

Keep checking for updates via twitter @ProTekkFZS.


Build 12/06 09:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: b86990aa440e437f28c84850758f587c

Build 11/14 06:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: f289fe3830df2998c3b282d049b7dec7

Build 11/10 12:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: 13137ac613473ce680a424e1435af7c6

Build 11/07 9:45 AM EST
MD5SUM: 056fde238f02219add95f38854ae1daa

Build 11/06 3:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: 4c6bad0cfb3237f262250d4c60ea7e9f

Build 11/04 12:00 AM EST
MD5SUM: 94b4434ccfea782a29d355c511ce962f

Build #21 11/01/2011 11:30 AM EST
MD5SUM: adfb707afe4b554cc5eaf3e2043733ce

Build #20 10/28/2011 12:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: 32f55fd7a0c6c7c650aadbd76f341ffa

Build #19 10/27/2011 10:30 AM EST
MD5SUM: 12b795823841233724136981f5febe8d

Build #18 10/23/2011 11:30 AM EST
MD5SUM: 26686b0120223a3233386a3398a92031

Build #17 10/22/2011 5:30 PM EST
MD5SUM: a61476de7c65067ac6969533349468f1

Build #16 10/21/2011 12:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: 65cbcce5a3a0f222c3dd3b9273e6bceb

Build #15 MIUI Battery Bar 10/15/11 09:30 PM EST
MD5SUM: 0c4afbdd831848d1f97326e710ad51c4

Build #15 10/15/11 09:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: 208cdd4b87291e9e4a36de8d3b3c9fee

Build #14 10/11/2011 04:15 PM EST
MD5SUM: 3f303efa54e08f7cdc618d8fa4828a79

Build #13 10/10/2011 05:00 PM EST
MD5SUM: 84b91eea7692ebea6159fc1b98f44b37

Build #12 10/05/2011 12:45 AM EST
MD5SUM: 1acacaa3f6cb5e26063117137a7cd828

Build #11 10/01/2011 11:50 EST
MD5SUM: bd4b2fe90360c1c66529b4a48575d9d0

Build #10 09/29/2011 5:40 AM EST
MD5SUM: 2f72b6a8a13c9d0f49478c3b4eb460bb

Build #9 09/29/2011 3:30 AM EST
MD5SUM: 2cd1f3e7c04837325cb0d533b1c6eba3

Build #8 09/22/2011
MD5SUM: 8abc22518c725daf0271367267f5351b

Build #7 08/06/2011
MD5SUM: fc4bcacb6631d90df02b28d1c1aae265

Build #6 08/06/2011
MD5SUM: afeeece65d680aac1147a19a3c0518db

Buld #5 08/05/2011
MD5SUM: 48c99a0aed89ccf619f4728cb337864b

Build #4 08/03/2011
MD5SUM: ff5c25114d38e483f42974147ed5f3cf

Build #3 08/02/2011
MD5SUM: 4ea9f41649ad6a840c64dda84e377b9b

Build #2 08/02/2011
MD5SUM dd0f1b6f223958a9ebe6841df053b521

Build #1 07/31/2011:
MD5SUM: 276a0b360e1a480166812b0540e34d28

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What this is:

Similar to the "nightly" builds that other devices get. May not always be on a daily/nightly release basis, could be less frequent or more frequent.

Exactly the same as Slayhers releases but with new updates from the mainline merged in.

Experimental to say the least. Flash at your own risk. ALWAYS make backups first before flashing.

What this isn't:

A full-fledged custom ROM by me.


A whine/*****/moan thread about your problems.

A request thread.

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Ugh, yeah. I've been so far behind on Thunderbolt crap. Now I have nothing to use right now since my Thunderbolt self destructed last night and I need to file an insurance claim. Hopefully I get the insurance bs done today and have a new one overnighted.
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