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ProBam for S4 vzw​

Introduction About ProBAM​

ProBam v4.1 series based officially on PAC MAN awesome source thanks​

ProBAM Reactor ROM is a mix of available Guru roms​
Paranoid 3 + AOKP + CM 10 equal ProBAM​

This ROM packs all the tweaks/features from the Guru roms into one. , All-In-One !!!!​

Weebo info :: Reminder, Messages,Optimizations​

LED Colors , you can change led color while charging for example​
LED Fading/Blinking​
LED Disable​

Main Features:​


Pandroid UI smooth/customizable Experience:​

HALO vertical gestures,​
Halo new themes multi colors​
Halo+ , MultiWindow launcher​
PIE navigation controls​
Hybrid Settings​
Per App DPI​
NavBar Height​
Per-App Layout​
Per-App Color​

CyanogenMod 10.1.2 The highest degree of stability and performance , battery life​
Hardware keys remapping​
Lockscreen ring and notification shortcuts​
Power widget​
USB Mass Storage​
Clock settings​
Quiet Hours​
Power Sounds​

AOKP build 6​
Rom Control​
Deep Control​

Now PA, CM and AOKP all updated their sources with the fixes from google​


Md5- 8835442b015d213411981146b0870343​

Odexed Rom-​

Md5- 28c44c2e7dca0b4884475c816a993641​

BlackedOut Gapps -

Follow me on Twitter zooyork0721​

"App Dev, Graphics, Source Building, Ports"​
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