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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages on your device.

Original Slim Features:
  • The Real Dark Slim
  • Notification drawer Shortcuts
  • Full hardware key rebinding!
  • Keyboard rotation
  • SlimCenter
Check out our full feature list here

Find our latest Changelog go here

I am building this rom from Slim's sources so any features they include will also be in this rom when synced.

I will build and upload this rom as much as i can. Considered being a nightly.

You can NOT use included kernel, not sure why Officical Slim rom you cant either you will need to flash one of the AOSP Kernels for the Samsung S4 (jfltevzw)

Installation instructions
For Most Users
Please keep in mind if a special instruction is needed it will be noted in the Changelog
  • Download the latest build
  • Addons ( if you don't have it already) from [here]
  • -Recommended- Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash ROM and the addons you want
  • Install an AOSP kernel after installing rom
  • Reboot


Slim Gapps - http://www.slimroms....gory/383-addons

AOSP Kernels -

KT-SGS4 - http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2294083

ChronicKernel - http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2319243

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Oh my sweet sweet Slim Bean.... I miss you so!

Upgrade from Vzw Galaxy Nexus to Vzw Galaxy S4..... before learning about the uncrackable ME7 update. D'oh!!

I have to patiently wait until someone much smarter than me can unlock that bootloader!

Until then my sweet Slim Bean!
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