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Welcome to Lightning Rom 5.0!

Standard Disclaimer: If you are flashing this rom, then you have already voided your warranty. I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your phone.

Rom Features:

1. 2.11.605.9 Based
2. Sense 2.1
3. Imoseyon's Latest Kernel
4. Deodexed
5. Debloated
6. Zipaligned
7. Busybox and Superuser pre-installed
8. init.d support
9. Transparent Rosie
10. 5x5 App Drawer
11. Custom Rosie Dock
12. Right Button Remapped, use Launchkey(provided) to assign a task to the button
13. Custom themed SystemUI
14. Honeycomb style clock w/ accurate battery mod
15. Blue Theming (minimal for now, but will be made complete soon enough)
16. 7-in-One Power Menu
17. Smooth Scrolling Rosie

How to Flash

1. Reboot into Recovery
3. Wipe all data/factory reset, wipe dalvik
4. Flash rom and reboot
5. Allow phone to settle a minute after reboot


Lightning Rom 5.0.1
MD5: eed6b91d044b8db8e27b01dd621fb52b

Lightning Rom 5.0
MD5: 0150ec333e7796e81b16b3150d76682d

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Bump for an awesome but under-appreciated ROM. The devhost link for 5.0.1 in the OP is still good too... I can drop a link to gingerbean here too if anyone is interested.

*Thunderbolt 4G*

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sounds good...looks like its safe ( o-0 ones looking) go for it! Lol

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Haha, yeah, the coast is clear! Here's gingerbean v3.0, I think that the zip's name is icedbean1, but it's the third (and final) version of gingerbean:

*Thunderbolt 4G*
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