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[ROM]-[Updated][8-31-11]Incredible 2 3D v1.0.0[sense 3.0]GB 2.3.5(softkeys fixed)

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This rom is a test rom strait from HTC..... Desire S was never meant to have anything more but sense 2.1 but HTC decided to update them to sense 3.0 for some reason.... why is this good for us? it good for us because everything is sized correctly by htc, so it looks like it should..... I will no longer be updating my pyramid rom unless something major pops up this will know be my main focus for a sense 3.0 rom..... i use it as my daily driver now and i am very pleased with it, so im sure you will be as well

change log
v 1.0.1
Fixed phone hot restart
Fixed wallpaper previews
Added bootanimation/downanimation
Added missing bianarys
Modified data driver to work better
Added new ramscript
Edit default.xml for our device
And some other things you prob won't notice
Full wipe guys!!!!!!

fixed wifi
added Htc Calibrate
added 3D homescreen
took out sig check in services jar
added custom OC kernel by chad
added adrev OC daemon
added better weather videos
added new market
fixed mms
added display manager
added SD card speed tweak
added battery calibration script

Beta 2
New complete base(Thanks Goapk)
Fixed softkeys Finally
Mic works
added auto mount from market for mounting p.c.
bluetooth fixed hopefully
cleaned out bloatware
This rom is going to be amazing once i get the bugs worked out i worked on it for 3 hours lastnight and i didnt want to stop but i had to so i uploaded what i have

Beta 1
added missing apks
Fixed mic
added some tweaks to system
cleaned up some of the debug test stuff
added bianarys that were missing
added new default.xml so widgets are loaded on the home screen
still very early i only have a couple hours into it but its better than the alpha build

Sense 3.0
Gingerbread 2.3.5
sized by HTC for wvga
4 in 1 advanced power menu
custom OC kernel
andrev OC Daemon
Native screen capture
Htc screen calibrate
2 stock skins
New inhanced weather videos
250mb free ram on first boot
and a lot more

known issues
*Sd Card unmounts P.C sometimes
*Cant record videos with stereo audio checked uncheck it and record with regular audio


please post bug reports on my site so i know i dont miss them


This is not my work and i dont take credit for it. It Is however bad ass and i wanted to share it. I'm running it now with no problems. Newt should be updating tonight so check the original ill update if i have time. As is the roms flawless so im sure the update will be minor bug fixes. Link to the original is below. I'm not responsible if you break your phone DUH. Anyway wipe everything and enjoy!
[ROM]-[Updated][8-31-11]Incredible 2 3D v1.0.0[sense 3.0]GB 2.3.5(softkeys fixed)

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are either of these roms yours, or do you have permission to post them here? not cool to repost anothers work just for the heck of it
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nitsuj17 said:
are either of these roms yours, or do you have permission to post them here? not cool to repost anothers work just for the heck of it
I have permission from newt.

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Go to the mikmik forums, he just updated this, and the new Rom, Inc 2HD rls1 is out ands its awesome and sense 3.5 and I have found almost no problems with it
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