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[ROM] Valhalla Final [KJ6 Based][Happy Holidays][12.12.2011]

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Hello everyone. I just want to say thank you very much for supporting me. I appreciate the fact you provided me a phone to dev on for you. This will indeed mark the end of my SGS4G development. I hope you will all accept this final release as a parting gift. I did not post, but read through the entirety of the other thread. Thank you very much to those of you who stood up for me and understood that I have many other obligations in life that I must attend to. You were not forgotten and because of your kindness I wanted to say thank you. So thank you. I hope you all enjoy this rom as I enjoyed creating it for you. May all of you have a happy holiday season and good luck with all of you future endeavors.

Now, let's get down to business shall we?

Rom Features
-Completely based on KJ6
-bhundven's KJ6 2c voodoo kernel
-Stock KJ6 modem
-Stock TouchWiz launcher (please feel free to install another)
-9 Lockscreens!
~ 4-Tab, Epic, AOSP, Glass, Rotary, Puzzle, Star Wars, Miui, SGSII
~ Custom app can be set on 4-Tab and Miui via Tweaks
~ Music controls on ALL lockscreens! (more info below)
-12 Quickpanel toggles
~ New ones for auto-brightness (toggles on/off), Reboot options, Power down
~ New themed pulldown done by Romanbb <3
-Freshly compiled Tweaks app
~ Mostly the same features from previous version
~ New toggle options for CRT on and off
~ New Miui battery bar option
~ New style color picker for battery percent and clock
-Power Menu (reboot options)
-Modified stock browser
~ Unlimited tab support
~ Smoother scrolling fix
-Modified Camera
~ Press power button once to focus + take picture
~ Can be used at low battery (15% and lower)
-CRT on and off animations
~ As stated above can be toggled on/off
-Added stay awake option in development settings
-Added stock android keyboard from SGSII Skyrocket
-Added full kernel version and mod version to About Phone
-Updated Market, Maps, Gmail, Mediahub and Superuser
-T-mobile free music tracks should appear in market
-Added Roboto fonts system wide
-Removed CIQ binary from /system/xbin
-Init.d tweaks
~ Zipaligns /data/app, /system/app and /system/framework on every boot
~ Sets correct permissions on /data/app, /system/app and /system/framework on every boot
-Build.prop edits
~ Hardware acceleration
~ Launcher locked in memory
~ EXT4 Optimization tweak
~ Few additional misc. ones
-I know i'm forgetting more! Will update this as I remember stuff lol

Flashing Instructions - FOLLOW TO THE LETTER!

1. Must have pre-installed kernel with clockwork recovery!
2. Download and place on sdcard
3. Boot into recovery and choose to flash zip
4. Once finished reboot - Voodoo enabled by default
5. Wait 5-7 minutes
6. Reboot back into clockwork recovery and perform factory reset
7. Reboot
8. Wait 10 minutes! JUST DO IT!
9. Reboot
10. Now you may begin the awesome I worked so hard to bring you!

DOWNLOAD <<<<< Valhalla Final

MD5: 80430409DF5ACE36E8EA10346443F6CA

Screenshots - Will come tomorrow! I'm tired!


If I forgot anyone do not fret! I'm tired and will look more closely over this list in the morning! ^^
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Hi Whitehawkx

I really love your amazing and professional work.
I want to ask you a small question, very important to me.

I'm using a Hebrew Right-to-Left tweak that modifies framework.jar, framework-res, and
It is a necessity for RTL fix for menus, texts and buttons.
It is working like a charm on Valhalla 1.1 (and actually i had troubles on all other ROMs, with Wifi, BT and GPS, ended up always returning to Valhalla).
Will it be OK on this one as well, or you modified it ? (I never tried other Valhalla versions).

P.S - From what I saw, it is bloated. XDA FBis has posted a KJ6 CWM debloater. will it work on this ROM ?

Thanks very much
for your help!

The debloater that FB wrote will work on any GB-based ROM for the SGS4G. All it does is delete the APK files based on your selection, similar to what one would do by hand or with Titanium Backup.
The wins of the new startup animation is overwhelming...
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