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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: AOSP

Mod Status:: Nightly

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Unlocked GSM

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 4.2.2 (JB)

[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]TeamVanir presents[/background]​
Yeah, it's got a HEMI.

Based off of AOSP Jelly Bean 4.2.2, with original modifications, as well as kangs from Linaro, CodeAurora, CyanogenMod, AOKP, EOS, Slim, and our belly buttons.

Our webkit, chromium, and skia are aosp/master merged with codeaurora, with linaro fixes on top.

BY LINARO, I MEAN GLOBAL "-O3 -fstrict-aliasing".... we didn't just switch toolchains. Here at Team Vanir, WE GO HARD.


Super fast, lean, and optimized
Tablet/phablet modes (Tablet mode has a bit of funk remaining... deal with it) + expanded desktop
Rooted & Busybox
Koush's superuser integrated in settings
Vanirified AK Kernel
Init.d/build.prop/cron/sysctl Tweaks
Beats 5.1 - Not your mother's beats!
CM T9 Dialer
Modified Androcom's Speaker Proximity App (Phone -> Settings -> Speaker Proximity)
Lighter, meaner, Launcherererer
Battery % icon option (Settings -> Display -> Battery Percentage) (and circle and gears)
Extended Reboot Menu (with big ol' nuts)
Tethering enabled
Optimized images + zip aligned
AOKP QuickSettings
AOKP NavBar (including IME keys)
Modified Deskclock with increasing volume from CM
CM Lockscreen mods
CM GNexusParts (color changing interface)
Volume Rocker Wake/Volume Rocker Music Controls
long press back to kill
Statusbar clock customization (bastardized version of CM's)
Statusbar signal text
Deskclock flip actions + increasing volume

Most of our settings are tucked inside Display or Sound settings! Also, note the performance and advanced sections.

Vanir config files - type vanir in terminal emulator for a usage guide

Thanks to Peter Alfonso, CM, the Fruits & Veggies Project, Rascarlo, Pawitp, AOKP, GaryD9, Androcom, Chevycam94, Team EOS, and JakeDay for stocking our CRANE GAME with plush toys.

Gapps - Vanir recommends the latest gapps


First time, be gentle:
1. Make sure that you are on the JB Bootloader
2. If coming from any other ROM, do a factory reset and wipe /system
3. Proceed with "been around the block instructions"

Been around the block:
1, wipe dalvik and cache
2. Flash ROM
3. Flash Gapps
4. Reboot

You can always join us in IRC at #vanir on freenode - for support or just to chill.

If you would like to thank us for our hard work, you can do so here, or you can find Donation links for all of us in the About Team Vanir section of Settings in the ROM:

Disclaimer: If you brick your phone, or drop it because it's so buttery, IT'S YOUR FAULT.


v4.2.2 Added more zoom zoom... and the kitchen sink.
Many things have moved... explore the Vanir category in settings. It's all somewhere!
v4.2.2.1 Fixed FC in notification light color picker, and fixed rare hot reboots

NIGHTIES ([4.2.2 based])

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What kernel would u reccomend for this ROM that supports full color calibration... i have an issue with popconkernelm cuz it does not support something (gamma control?)

The colors look weird with my color settings (init.d)

BTW: The latest commit that concerns clock color setting, does it enable me to change the color for the statusbar clock (dropdowned)?
Yes. Both expanded notification and normal status bar clocks are color pickable, independently.

Set those screen colors in settings>advanced. I haven't yet added a "don't override init.d colors" option to it yet.

You probably need to disable color safety for those multipliers. You can do that with vanir config.

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Just downloaded it...

I have to say the ROM is very slick, and i like that everything is "hided" under the surface :D

The latest nightly changelog states that u changed from popcorn to leankernel, but after flashing popcorkernel remains. Is that intended?
Maybe i skipped it? Lol. Yup. No lk in that nightly.

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You mean GPU drivers? But this isnt full 4.2.2 yet is it?

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V4.002 is. Everything but the proprietaries, for 4.2.1 kernel compat (for now). But can be patched with the add on zip to use a 4.2.2 kernel

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