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[ROM] ViciousMIUI-V4.1-JB TORO-2.10.26 (Android 4.1.2) 10/26/2012 - 10:45PM

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Vicious Presents
****ViciousMIUI Android 4.1.2****

What's Working:
Data (Both 3G and 4G at boot with no tricks)
WiFi (Stronger WiFi signal now)
All market apps/gapps included in build no need to flash gapps
USB Storage
Internal Storage
Root/Superuser (Now built in and fixed open Superuser and update SU binary) (Thanks ChainFire)
Video Playback
Google Now
Google Talk

What doesn't work:
You tell me this bitch is golden so far!!!!

Installation Instructions:
Make a nandroid backup
Wipe data factory reset
Wipe cache partition
Wipe dalvik cache (Optional)
Flash JellyBean 4.1.2 to your Galaxy Nexus
Reboot and ENJOY JellyBean from me to you!!!!

Changelog: 10/26/2012
Fresh new build of ViciousMIUI Jelly Bean
MIUI has been updated to JZO54K Android version 4.1.2
Permissions Manager (MIUI Superuser App) working on first boot now (Thanks and rlasalle15 for the fix in "strings")
All builds are directly from MIUI China and deodexed and converted over to English and ported to the GNex by me..
Full changelog provided via video!! Press play and enjoy!!

MIUI Themes APP and Root Permissions APP working 100% on boot...

Please Read in Regards to Root Apps (THIS IS NOW FIXED)
This issue has been resolved you can now use the permissions manager app as you are normally suppose to with out any tricks right from the first boot.. Thanks hoppermi for the suggestion on what it was, and rlasalle15 for the fix in the version which is where I was able to decompile theirs to see what was done and it turned out to be just the change of 1 letter in "values/strings/" from a "d" to an "s" lolol... Hey that works for me!!! Thanks guys!!

Download Links:

If there are any issues while testing or using please contact me directly.. I was trying a few different things and I know there was some issues a few builds back with a couple apps and also last build had an issue with WiFi, that should all be fixed now.. Please again any issues contact me ASAP and I will fix it immediately!!! Thanks guys.............. Rock out with ya c**k out!!!! LOL


MD5SUM d225e26594c10a4e9b6b1e0d494595b5

MD5SUM bfbec00e736476f6987ad80b67235f40

MD5SUM 531cd3600fed38a880832334fafc08fb

MD5SUM bed416e3da66b0aae4a0a47ee714e39a

MD5SUM a3853d3a637dd08d69b50d90d5623ef9

MD5SUM d033eb2da91d39567cf0805b0b6b728e

MD5SUM 521d02693f0538e45790f727fddba72f

MD5SUM 92d30f0dace6e920cc08bc70c564890a

MD5SUM 72d4dfa9f977309db373f0029686b885

MD5SUM e8086565186ba42478483cf742e217d3

MD5SUM a58dd1758f93f96714c53ab9ea6ca603

MD5SUM ed48ae25d24928a16bdf114e3d7eb518



Credits to:
Google - AOSP
Xiaomi - MIUI

Donations are never mandatory and you shouldn't feel obligated to do so but if you do it is very much appreciated!!

Feel free to hit me on:
Twitter @Paullie_Vicious
GTalk & GMail - [email protected]
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Ahhhhhhh hell yeah!

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Hells yeah! Gonna miss it but got a good seat!

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Thank you, very curious

Liquidized Popcorn on this Nexus.....
I love the Android community. This is gonna keep me up all night!!

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Cannnnottttt waaaaaaaitttttt! \|•_•|/

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Well maybe I'll grab one for the wife and stay for the show.

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YESSS! Thank you so much. I need a fully functioning JB to cure my insanity.
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I'm so ready can i say...refresh...refresh...refresh
There are very few perks to be stuck at work all night....but this will sure to one of them!!!!!!!!! Eatin some jelly beans!!!!!!
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2:30am ... too good to be true?

Besides link, please provide exact steps you took when flashing. (Data, cache, davlik, all 3?)

Thank you!
Now thats how you make an entrance to the team Paullie, so ready.
that was...well should i say quick
looks like everyones screaming for jb
Is this the latest April Fools joke ever

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