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[ROM] Warm TwoPointThree - Feedback & Discussion For Future Release

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Warm TwoPointThree is currently in the development stages. We wanted to solicit some feedback and discussion so we can provide the best experience possible. Doing this will ensure our development goals and design decisions match what the community is wanting.

Status [08/28/2011]:

  • Updating to 2.08 base and redoing the mods that were affected by it.

Warm TwoPointThree Changelog [08/28/2011]

  • Base: Shooter_S_Sprint_WWE_1.13.651.7
  • DeOdexed
  • Added root permissions (superuser/su)
  • Added Busybox 1.18.4
  • Added init.d daemon (runparts)
  • Added CRT display off/on animations Thanks apatcas and TrevE)
  • Added GPU UI Acceleration (instead of CPU)
  • Added Custom Carrier Mod to Notifications and Lockscreen (Editable via /system/customize/lock_carrier.txt and carrier.txt) (Thanks JsChiSurf)
  • Added Additional Reboot options (Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Restart, Reboot) (NOTE: Hot Restart currently not working properly)
  • Added DSP Manager (Thanks cyanogen)
  • Added Unlimited Tabs To Browser
  • Added CRT TV shutdown animation
  • Added Juwe11's Ram Optimization Script
  • Updated Apps To The Latest OTA Fixes Phone Icon Issues
  • Sprint Mobile Wifi Hotspot unlocked so it is now free
  • Added Green OverScroll
  • Added HW Acceleration Tweak To Adreno_config
  • Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb)
  • Added SMS Backup/Restore
  • GPS Icon In Titlebar Now Only Visible When GPS Is Enabled
  • Added New Photo Lockscreen From Sensation
  • Added Tweak to increase sdcard read ahead buffer (Thanks Misfit)
  • Added 3D Home Screen (Toggable in Settings | Display)
  • Fixed Weather Lockscreen. Now supports 3 digits (100 Degree Temperature)
  • Added Native Screenshot Functionality (Press Home + Power at the same time)
  • Added Total Memory, Media Volume, Auto Brightness and Auto Rotation to Quick Settings
  • Changed WiFi Scan Interval To 180 seconds to further conserve battery
  • Added Tweak to persist home app in memory
  • Added mod to unlock Lock Screen with menu button
  • Added various battery tweaks
  • Speed up window animations
  • Added Google Talk with Video support
  • Added Rosie Settings support
  • Removed Sprint loaded bloatware apps available as optional installs in /sdcard/Warm-TwoPointThree-Optional/
  • Added Warm Fonts
  • Data coverage (3G/1X) Properly Reflected Instead Of Always Reporting 3G (Thanks SteelH)
  • Added Panorama/Scene/HDR To Camera
  • Removed Lockscreen Bubbles (Thanks JsChiSurf)
  • Added Music Widget Animation
  • Added Sip Calling Over 3G/4G/WIFI
  • Added Warm Wallpaper And Resized Them To EVO 3D Native Res And Set It As Default Wallpaper
  • Added Working Wireless Tether
  • Moved Swype.apk To /data/app For Easy Removal :)
  • Added Warm Themed Market (3.0.27)
  • Updated Google Maps/Nav to 5.8.0
  • Added Astro File Manager
  • Added Special Warm Apps Tab to Rosie Launcher
  • Added Percent Battery, Charge And Sync Titlebar Icon mod
  • Added CyanogenMOD Automatic Apps2SD (EXT4 support only on Stock HTC Kernel. Ziggy kernel should allow EXT2/3 off by default) (Thanks Treve)
  • Added EXT4 File I/O Performance Tweaks
  • Added Support For Additional ## Programming Codes (ex ##775#)
  • Enhanced GPS Lock Speed Fix (Thanks Team Synergy)
  • Added Transparency To Rosie Launcher
  • Upgraded to new base Shooter_S_Sprint_WWE_2.08.651.2 with latest kernel
  • Re-Added Sprint Mobile Wifi / USB Hotspot for 2.08 OTA update (Thanks Leoisright)
  • Re-Added CRT display off/on animations for 2.08 OTA Update (Thanks TMartin)
  • Re-Added Additional Reboot options (Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Restart, Reboot) (Hot Restart now working properly!) for 2.08 update (Thanks Virus)
  • Re-Added 3D Home Screen (Toggable in Settings | Display) for 2.08 update
  • Added 08/26/2011 HTC OTA App Updates
  • Added heavier weight Warm font to adapt to Sense 3.0
  • Removed HTC IQ
  • Re-Added Percent Battery, Charge And Sync Titlebar Icon mod for 2.08 update
  • Custom "Warm" signature added to emails
  • Re-Added SMS Backup/Restore to 2.08 update
  • Re-Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb) (2.08)
  • Added Secure block list to MMS
  • Added Screen Calibration to settings
  • Re-Added Unlimited Tabs To Browser (2.08)
  • Rosie launcher no longer paginates (Free scroll)
  • Enabled Beats Mode (Thanks Team Synergy)
  • Removed HTC Loggers
  • Removed APK Signature checks
  • Re-Added Music Widget Animation
  • Added HTC Flashlight
  • Re-Added Panorama/HDR To Camera (2.08)
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Just posted the Changelog in post #1 :) I'll update this as we make further progress.

As soon as we get all of our mods updated to 2.08 we'll begin adding the "Cool Stuff" which we really need help deciding on. This is where you guys come in :)
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jbermi said:
as for ideas, I personally find some of the ROMs for the 3D overloaded with extras I don't really need or use, that's why I really like CleanROM, fast clean and stable. and easy to theme...ideally I would prefer a clean base and be able to add MODs, tweaks, and scripts later if I would like...have a base warm 2.3 with the usual warm goodness and the ability to mod and tweak it after flashing the base.
The Warm roms even from the very beginning (Warm Donut) have always been around stability and speed while looking good doing it. We won't implement a feature unless it's justified and if it is, we'll provide options for folks to pull it out. And like you said, Lots and lots of mods :).
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If you guys could, I'm trying to get Warm Updater to work with TWRP recovery. Unfortunately TWRP currently doesn't support this feature. I've requested it to be added here:

If you guys could nudge them and see if we can get this implemented sooner then later. I'd prefer to have Warm Updater in their for RLS1 but if no recovery supports it, it will be a null point.

rivertamer said:
I second that motion...... what's up cuz?

Flexed from SYNERGY EVO using RootzWiki Forums!
vanessaem said:
Hey Neil, does your mulitquote work? :tongue2::wink2:
Multi-Quote works for me.
Yeah that reminds me. I need to update mine too :)
jbermi said:
I think this is common issue with recovery and newer ROM updaters on the 3D. i'm using CleanROM and his rom updater won't go into recovery, to flash, you have to download, then go into recovery to flash, can't do it straight from App. I so prefer TWRP over clockwork..its just about the perfect recovery....
That may be the alternative, that the Updater just acts as a downloader. Not perfect but a decent compromise until TWRP gets updated.
On another note...

Today I was diagnosed with Shingles :(

My back is aching so bad. They gave me a prescription for Vicodin and that doesn't seem to be working at all. :( 3 Advils seem to work better. Anyone ever had Shingles and got some advice?

PS. Off topic is completely fine here guys, At rootzwiki the Devs/OP run their own thread.
vanessaem said:
I'm sorry that this happened to you D. I never had Shingles but here's some ideas I found that may give you some relief:
Thanks vanessaem :).
kgreen66 said: RootzWiki where all the developers went that were banned on XDA? and no I don't mean myn was banned...was he? I couldn't imagine he would be.
Nah, it's a relatively new Android developer centric forum that devs are flocking to because they are more open, allow alot more flexibility to OPs and don't ban people for off topic discussion among other things.

FWIW, this thread would be closed at XDA because it discusses a future rom..
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I think I am going to have to find a heavier weight font. Helv Neu (The Font In The Warm Roms) looks really fine and doesn't render so nicely in Sense 3.0. Will post a screenie in a bit.
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jbermi said:
i have found either the original darkstar coconut font works well, but I really like Avant Garde Book. very clean and renders well.
View attachment 1943
Does this attachment work for anyone else? I can't download but I googled it and it looks pretty darn nice :) Fits what I am looking for. Long, semi-slender but not super thin.. Yes I am describing a font :)

EDIT Whats the attachment filename? The mods will fix this issue.
theELEETEone said:
oh snap! trying to be sneaky... lol ... I wanna see the warm 2.3vo as well
Ever gone to see your car while it's still apart at the service shop?

That's kinda what it looks like right now. Not totally even themed yet. Still focusing on the mods and updates.

As soon as she is semi-presentable though, count on some nice screenies :)
theELEETEone said:
Myn, have you taken a look at the "flyer express" ROM for the OG Evo? Just a thought but a landscape 3D carousel would be pretty nice on the 3vo :)
Yeah we're looking into that now :)

AndroidBall said:
Nice job Myn glad ur over on rootzwiki
Good to see you over here too AndroidBall :)

lowetax said:
i find the paginated works best - if i want to scroll i just use list mode
easier to read in one direction, as compared to two

btw thanks for all your work !!!
I think our best option will be to provide an optional install so you can have it either way.

vanessaem said:
So Warm 2.3 will be for OG Evo and 3vo correct?
It will be available for the EVO 3D first and we will be porting it and optimizing it for the OG EVO and other devices afterwards. Since the devices are different enough we want to optimize the experience for each.

Modra said:
Hey Myn,

Have you heard about the CIQ and HTC tracking files in the latest update? I believe Viperboy and Treve were going to pull these files from their roms. Just curious if you've heard about it and plan on removing them. Thanks.
Yup, I was really happy to see the original ROM and First OTA CIQ/IQ free. It seems as though that didn't last very long. We've got that task of removal on the shortlist. From what I have seen, should be really easy to remove.
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firmbiz94 said:
I think something that would make your ROM stand out would be to try to implement the mt4gs camera software..they are implementing some.sort of continuous photo caching with time stamps in order to give you instant capture and clearer imaging..that would be awesome..but besides that I love your roms and am really looking foward to this dropping on the e3d.
Btw are you and your team boycotting xda? Will you be releasing it here instead/? Can't say I blame you..I've been getting.annoyed with that forum..the whole "vibe" has changed
Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into this :)

DowntownRDB said:
Man I thought I was having "flash backs" to my Navy days. I took a couple of days off the other forum and check in today and the "ship had sailed". But like a good sailor I tracked down the USS Mynion. LOL. Glad to be part of the crew again and felt like a reunion after a 6 month cruise. Updated my brower favorites to this forum and hope to be here often. Thanks all for letting me back onboard.
Welcome home buddy :) Great to see you over here.

6 Month cruise ehh? That's awesome! Where did you all go? Which Cruise Line?
Persnlmgr said:

TigerDirect's AMAZING deals on Evos

BTW, anyone else hear today's big Apple news? The iBrick is coming to Sprint in the form of version 5, exclusive to Sprint until Thanksgiving.

It'll be really interesting to see just how much the company that has basically rebuilt itself on Android handsets sees any bump from "broadening" its horizons.

Yeah very interesting indeed. I do hope Sprint didn't sign a deal with the devil for this exclusivity, perhaps reducing their Android handset portfolio. That would really suck.

I was sad to see Steve Jobs step down today as CEO. Still Chairman but its not a great sign if you know what I mean. You guys know I am no Apple Fan Boi but you can't deny how strong his leadership and vision has been at Apple. Arguably one of the best CEO's of all time. Just my 2 cents.

Also wanted to share a story that reflects how great of a community we have. As many of you know I've got some pretty excruciating pain in my back from the Shingles virus. To make a long story short, my doctors have been giving me subpar service and I really needed some advice. Neil came forward the other night with some suggestions and today I followed up with mikeinstlouis who is a Surgeon. This really is testament to how strong this community is. I just wanted to say thank you guys and gals :)
Hey guys :)

I'm feeling much better today. The inherent rash from Shingles is beginning to go away and apparently the pain goes with that too. My back still aches bad but not near as bad as the past few days. I talked to MikeInStLouis again today and he said I should be on the road to recovery. :). Thanks everyone for the sympathy and prayers I appreciate it.

For those of you with HP TouchPads. I'm part of the core DroidTouch dev team and plan on developing some cool stuff for that device. Right now we're trying to just get android working on it :).

This morning we walked one of the few folks with a demo Qualicom HP TouchPads with Android 2.2 already on it through the process of dumping partitions. The next step will be reverse engineering this and figuring out how we can reproduce the same on our own devices. Until my device arrives, my hands are tied but I am anxious to get going on this too :) You can read more about it here:

Oh yeah, great to see all of the great folks I recognize oh so well over here :)
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yeah man, long time no see.......I still have that Vogue as a trophy! lol
Good to see you over here man!

The Vogue will always be my fav phone. It's where Incubus and I both started on Android. On a Windows Mobile phone at that!
DowntownRDB: Nice signature. I really like that tagline "always brilliant".. I think that's the new official tagline :)
Modra said:
Hey myn I just got done listening to Tech News Today on my way home from class and they mentioned your HP Touchpad group that is trying to get android on the device. Thought you would like to know that you are getting some love out in the tech media.

Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk
Very cool :)

I always find it odd when I see media talking about something that I am involved in. Seems surreal and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

tommytomatoe said:
hehe. my tag says "Android Beginner"
Just talked to the main man here at rootzwiki and P00F you're now a distinguished Developer :)

vanessaem said:
*SIGH*....I always think about getting the 3D. My dilemmas are that, besides the 3D extras and the speed are there any huge differences between the 4g and the 3D? I've got a lot invested in the 4g(I put my blood, sweat and tears into that phone...:p), aaaannnnd I'm scared of updating my contract and then Sprint hits us with an even better phone. My two year contract with Sprint officially ends March 2012. I wanted to do some arm twisting and have more leverage to get my desired phone(whatever phone that would be) for even cheaper than the upgrade discount. :smile3:

My non-techie cousin who only likes phones with keyboards, called to tell me he went into the Sprint store and fell in love with the 3D and the likelihood of him getting it was 95%.

I'm so torn.

This may sound strange to ask but what are the negatives of having the 3D over the 4g? Don't tell me nothing. Be honest. :p
In other words, is there anything about the 4g that you preferred over the 3D?
I'll be completely honest in saying porting Warm TwoPointThree to the EVO and INCredible are going to be more than a simple port. It will be more of a transformation. The EVO has significantly smaller partitions and with that comes the challenge of fitting Sense 3.0 onto it. There is always going to be compromise, be it extra compression which means more ram is consumed or more consumption on /data which means less room for other downloadable apps/games.

I thought the EVO was a fast device until I picked up an EVO 3D. It's amazing how smooth Sense 3 runs. In contrast Sense 3 runs IMHO acceptable but not perfectly on the OG EVO because of its lack of processing power.

From an upgrade perspective. I have no doubts we will see an official Ice-Cream Sammie on the EVO 3D but can't say the same about the OG EVO. It will eventually turn the way of the HTC Hero with no official support from Sprint/HTC:(.

My OG EVO wasn't due for an upgrade until 2012 and after calling a number Neil gave me they got me hooked up with little to no hastle for a subsidized upgrade to the EVO 3D immediately.

You're very passionate about this stuff like the rest of us here. I think you would be very very happy with the upgrade to the EVO 3D.
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