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[ROM] Warm TwoPointThree - Feedback & Discussion For Future Release

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Warm TwoPointThree is currently in the development stages. We wanted to solicit some feedback and discussion so we can provide the best experience possible. Doing this will ensure our development goals and design decisions match what the community is wanting.

Status [08/28/2011]:

  • Updating to 2.08 base and redoing the mods that were affected by it.

Warm TwoPointThree Changelog [08/28/2011]

  • Base: Shooter_S_Sprint_WWE_1.13.651.7
  • DeOdexed
  • Added root permissions (superuser/su)
  • Added Busybox 1.18.4
  • Added init.d daemon (runparts)
  • Added CRT display off/on animations Thanks apatcas and TrevE)
  • Added GPU UI Acceleration (instead of CPU)
  • Added Custom Carrier Mod to Notifications and Lockscreen (Editable via /system/customize/lock_carrier.txt and carrier.txt) (Thanks JsChiSurf)
  • Added Additional Reboot options (Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Restart, Reboot) (NOTE: Hot Restart currently not working properly)
  • Added DSP Manager (Thanks cyanogen)
  • Added Unlimited Tabs To Browser
  • Added CRT TV shutdown animation
  • Added Juwe11's Ram Optimization Script
  • Updated Apps To The Latest OTA Fixes Phone Icon Issues
  • Sprint Mobile Wifi Hotspot unlocked so it is now free
  • Added Green OverScroll
  • Added HW Acceleration Tweak To Adreno_config
  • Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb)
  • Added SMS Backup/Restore
  • GPS Icon In Titlebar Now Only Visible When GPS Is Enabled
  • Added New Photo Lockscreen From Sensation
  • Added Tweak to increase sdcard read ahead buffer (Thanks Misfit)
  • Added 3D Home Screen (Toggable in Settings | Display)
  • Fixed Weather Lockscreen. Now supports 3 digits (100 Degree Temperature)
  • Added Native Screenshot Functionality (Press Home + Power at the same time)
  • Added Total Memory, Media Volume, Auto Brightness and Auto Rotation to Quick Settings
  • Changed WiFi Scan Interval To 180 seconds to further conserve battery
  • Added Tweak to persist home app in memory
  • Added mod to unlock Lock Screen with menu button
  • Added various battery tweaks
  • Speed up window animations
  • Added Google Talk with Video support
  • Added Rosie Settings support
  • Removed Sprint loaded bloatware apps available as optional installs in /sdcard/Warm-TwoPointThree-Optional/
  • Added Warm Fonts
  • Data coverage (3G/1X) Properly Reflected Instead Of Always Reporting 3G (Thanks SteelH)
  • Added Panorama/Scene/HDR To Camera
  • Removed Lockscreen Bubbles (Thanks JsChiSurf)
  • Added Music Widget Animation
  • Added Sip Calling Over 3G/4G/WIFI
  • Added Warm Wallpaper And Resized Them To EVO 3D Native Res And Set It As Default Wallpaper
  • Added Working Wireless Tether
  • Moved Swype.apk To /data/app For Easy Removal :)
  • Added Warm Themed Market (3.0.27)
  • Updated Google Maps/Nav to 5.8.0
  • Added Astro File Manager
  • Added Special Warm Apps Tab to Rosie Launcher
  • Added Percent Battery, Charge And Sync Titlebar Icon mod
  • Added CyanogenMOD Automatic Apps2SD (EXT4 support only on Stock HTC Kernel. Ziggy kernel should allow EXT2/3 off by default) (Thanks Treve)
  • Added EXT4 File I/O Performance Tweaks
  • Added Support For Additional ## Programming Codes (ex ##775#)
  • Enhanced GPS Lock Speed Fix (Thanks Team Synergy)
  • Added Transparency To Rosie Launcher
  • Upgraded to new base Shooter_S_Sprint_WWE_2.08.651.2 with latest kernel
  • Re-Added Sprint Mobile Wifi / USB Hotspot for 2.08 OTA update (Thanks Leoisright)
  • Re-Added CRT display off/on animations for 2.08 OTA Update (Thanks TMartin)
  • Re-Added Additional Reboot options (Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Restart, Reboot) (Hot Restart now working properly!) for 2.08 update (Thanks Virus)
  • Re-Added 3D Home Screen (Toggable in Settings | Display) for 2.08 update
  • Added 08/26/2011 HTC OTA App Updates
  • Added heavier weight Warm font to adapt to Sense 3.0
  • Removed HTC IQ
  • Re-Added Percent Battery, Charge And Sync Titlebar Icon mod for 2.08 update
  • Custom "Warm" signature added to emails
  • Re-Added SMS Backup/Restore to 2.08 update
  • Re-Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb) (2.08)
  • Added Secure block list to MMS
  • Added Screen Calibration to settings
  • Re-Added Unlimited Tabs To Browser (2.08)
  • Rosie launcher no longer paginates (Free scroll)
  • Enabled Beats Mode (Thanks Team Synergy)
  • Removed HTC Loggers
  • Removed APK Signature checks
  • Re-Added Music Widget Animation
  • Added HTC Flashlight
  • Re-Added Panorama/HDR To Camera (2.08)
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Mmmmmmmmmmmm...Warm 2.3..........CANNOT WAIT!!! Although I'm starting to really dig Synergy...

Now make one of these threads for Synergy, AND the version of 2.3, for the OG4G and we'll all be covered!!


(Love these smileys!!! And take note...we're all gonna be Android Beginners for a while).
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DougJamal said:
theELEETEone said:
I hate moving ...everytime i need something i have to stop...think about where it is and how much of a PITA its gonna be to get at it and then decide if its worth it...:erm (1):
DougJamal said:
Believe me, I know how it is.
Vocali05 said:
Myn... any chance you'll ever support a vzw device? My 2 year old daughter has your warm eclair rom on her htc touch (kaiser) phone lol. I used to love your rims on that phone!!! So much better than winmo6.1
Just testing my MultiQuote, rhyme or reason to it...

HELLO, KIDS, HOW NICE TO SEE YOU ALL!!! Your rallying around me this morning prevented a major meltdown. I contemplated XDAicide for a few hours after getting the inital news...but I'm better now, THANKS TO YOU ALL!!

DougJamal said:
I did the same thing earlier, Neil, but keep in mind that I had to go back and uncheck the people I quoted because when I responded like I normally do by just quoting the person I'm responding, everybody that I had originally multi-quoted in the previous post were ready to be quoted a second time...Gee, I hope that made sense.
I understood, DJ.

I'm gonna start a Transformer discussion thread in a bit, for anyone who cares to join there, too. I'll let you know when it's up.

Okay, for those Mynions with Transformers, they actually have a decent Forum on here.

And I've just tossed my hat into the ring:

General TF Discussion Thread - OFF TOPIC WELCOME

It took a while, but I've grown to like the paginated drawer...though maybe I've just gotten used to it and forgotten how much more convenient the non-p drawer was...

Non-paginated, ftw.
DougJamal said:
Goodnight, everyone. Sleep well.
G'night, DJ. See ya here tomorrow!
We were not hiding...just fleeing, rapidly, while being chased by an Iron Fist...


TigerDirect's AMAZING deals on Evos

BTW, anyone else hear today's big Apple news? The iBrick is coming to Sprint in the form of version 5, exclusive to Sprint until Thanksgiving.

It'll be really interesting to see just how much the company that has basically rebuilt itself on Android handsets sees any bump from "broadening" its horizons.

vanessaem said:
Just great...I paid $199+tax for mine last year. :androidwink:
Last year's almost 9 months ago, V...that's 2 lifetimes in cellphone tech!!

I played with a ROOTED Photon just now. What a remarkable piece of equipment. If the 3VO is fast (it is) the Photon's supersonic!!

It's also a really cool form factor...really slick and sleek looking, comfy to hold, seems well-built, yadayadayada...

Unfortunately, it's a Moto. :erm (1):

Then again, Moto is Google now...hmmmmmmmm...

marriedman624 said:
Wow, so you can get the #1 selling Android phone for free, and join the cheapest cellular service...................Pretty cool.

BTW - I created a Mynion group. Join if you would like. I can't seem to get a picture uploaded. Will try on my home laptop later, my work laptop is so locked down, it sucks.
Linkee, por favor?

Just searched, couldn't find it...

myn said:
Yeah very interesting indeed. I do hope Sprint didn't sign a deal with the devil for this exclusivity, perhaps reducing their Android handset portfolio. That would really suck.

I was sad to see Steve Jobs step down today as CEO. Still Chairman but its not a great sign if you know what I mean. You guys know I am no Apple Fan Boi but you can't deny how strong his leadership and vision has been at Apple. Arguably one of the best CEO's of all time. Just my 2 cents.

Also wanted to share a story that reflects how great of a community we have. As many of you know I've got some pretty excruciating pain in my back from the Shingles virus. To make a long story short, my doctors have been giving me subpar service and I really needed some advice. Neil came forward the other night with some suggestions and today I followed up with mikeinstlouis who is a Surgeon. This really is testament to how strong this community is. I just wanted to say thank you guys and gals :)
Don't know why your docs didn't know about those 2 drugs...I did...thrilled to let you know.

And I whole-heartedly agree with Mike, I think a morphine drip is perfect...and might just lead to some pretty trippy development!!

Modra said:
My grandmother gets shingles. She's had it several times. She describes the pain as a golf ball lit of fire and stuck under skin and randomly rolled around under your skin. Sounds horrible. Hope the new drugs help myn. By the way, what were the two drugs Neil suggested? Maybe I can let my grandmother know about it.
There are 3: Neurotin, Lyrica and Effexor.

They were designed as anti-depressants, but are prescribed for nerve-damage/pain almost as much as depression, especially Lyrica. I had nerve damage after minor surgery on my leg (that felt like that flaming golf-ball...very accurate) and after months on Vicodin with zero relief, my doc's partner suggested Lyrica. He'd read a Mayo Clinic study.

I had relief in 3 days!!!

Hope Granny feels better.

WOW...I just logged on to the #asus-transformer# thread on Freenode and guess what?

I think they actually moved the thread, or changed its location just to keep me out!!! Too paranoid? Read on...

Up to, and as of, yesterday morning when I logged on there were always at least 50 people on it. But the moderators of (or at least major contributors to) that node are JERDOG and BADFROG, 2 of the sweethearts responsible for booting me off XDA. And yesterday morning about a minute after I logged in, jerkoff, er...jerdog, posted "Oh, look who's here...". I ignored him and did a private node chat with Roach, and logged off.

When I logged in last night and this morning the node was completely empty, save for me!!!

How juvenile. :_con:

ageesm said:
Really? I was on there yesterday, but found nothing of worth. The thing that bothers me the most about it is that that badfrog character acts more like a mod than any of the mods, but to my knowledge isn't any sort of moderator. I mean it is one thing to possibly make note of a suspect post, but he goes out of his way to find them and then act like a [Site Decorum] about it...

Btw, I don't have a 3D :sad: but this still feels like home.
Yeah, it was the same with BadFrog on XDA...not a moderator, but he clearly went out of his way to screw with people. Power hungry infant!!

And, I don't have 3vo either, but this is clearly our DoMYNion for now. Derek's said he's gonna do Warm for 3VO first, and then roll it out to OG4G and other phones. So this'll either wind up a "unified thread" or at that point, we'll split off.

It IS great to have a nice home, though, ain't it?

ceabbott2 said:
Well I am glad I found this site and you as well. I have read quite a few of your posts and look forward to reading many more. Are you still on AF's as well? WOW and they kicked you off! Well their loss and our gain. Oh and a hello to some of the lady and gentlemen from other places on the web. I love it when I am surrounded by my own kind, Gru aka Myn, "Assemble D Mynions!"


Thanks, Charles, for the kind words. Glad we've all found each other in this [compared to XDA] idyllic site.

And, let's show these incredibly nice RootzWiki guys just what we Mynions can do...even if it's only a few bucks, try donating and being a "Supporting Member". I contributed only $10, but if it really helps us make this our successful new home, it was worth missing my Chipotle Burrito dinner last night...

ageesm said:
There are just so many immature children, and I'm not talking about their ages :androidwink:. Also it isn't the users I'm talking about, they have far too many of them in positions of influence...I mean look at our threads over there, how often does a mod need to get involved at all? When some outside idiot decides to act out, otherwise we mostly police ourselves.

I guess it helps that we have a case-study-worthy example of groupthink :grin3:, but what can ya do?

DougJamal said:
You have got to be kidding!, Neil. Please tell me this is untrue. That is downright despicable and I'm not happy about it. You or any Mynion do not deserve that kind of treatment. That's just...smh ...uncalled for.

Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
I wish I was kidding, DJ. Talk about grade school behaviour...

:erm (1):
incubus26jc said:
What up Peeps!!!
Yo, Inc...whut up?

Hey're an Android Beginner...bwahahahahaha...:android-smile:

What took ya so long? Have a problem following the breadcrumbs?

Good ta see ya, fellas.

For my EVO/Transformer co-owner buds:

Beautiful, REAL LEATHER CASE, plus bonus screen protector, $16.99!!!

I ordered one of these figuring what the heck for that price, and turns out, it's quite a nice case. I got it today (3 days!) and am very, very pleased. It even came with a free screen shield. I got the black, but they have 3 colors. I saw a VERY comparable one at Macy's for $40.

Highly Recommended!!

b16 said:
How do you like it?
The Transformer, or the case?

Easy answer: I love both!!!

TF's a fantastic pad, (best out there, imho), and for $16.99 the case is an insane deal! Free screen protector and free shipping were just the cherries on top!


You guys were talking about patience and my name never once came up?

W. T. F. ?


And thanks for the compliment, jac :smile3:
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