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[ROM] Warm TwoPointThree - Feedback & Discussion For Future Release

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Warm TwoPointThree is currently in the development stages. We wanted to solicit some feedback and discussion so we can provide the best experience possible. Doing this will ensure our development goals and design decisions match what the community is wanting.

Status [08/28/2011]:

  • Updating to 2.08 base and redoing the mods that were affected by it.

Warm TwoPointThree Changelog [08/28/2011]

  • Base: Shooter_S_Sprint_WWE_1.13.651.7
  • DeOdexed
  • Added root permissions (superuser/su)
  • Added Busybox 1.18.4
  • Added init.d daemon (runparts)
  • Added CRT display off/on animations Thanks apatcas and TrevE)
  • Added GPU UI Acceleration (instead of CPU)
  • Added Custom Carrier Mod to Notifications and Lockscreen (Editable via /system/customize/lock_carrier.txt and carrier.txt) (Thanks JsChiSurf)
  • Added Additional Reboot options (Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Restart, Reboot) (NOTE: Hot Restart currently not working properly)
  • Added DSP Manager (Thanks cyanogen)
  • Added Unlimited Tabs To Browser
  • Added CRT TV shutdown animation
  • Added Juwe11's Ram Optimization Script
  • Updated Apps To The Latest OTA Fixes Phone Icon Issues
  • Sprint Mobile Wifi Hotspot unlocked so it is now free
  • Added Green OverScroll
  • Added HW Acceleration Tweak To Adreno_config
  • Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb)
  • Added SMS Backup/Restore
  • GPS Icon In Titlebar Now Only Visible When GPS Is Enabled
  • Added New Photo Lockscreen From Sensation
  • Added Tweak to increase sdcard read ahead buffer (Thanks Misfit)
  • Added 3D Home Screen (Toggable in Settings | Display)
  • Fixed Weather Lockscreen. Now supports 3 digits (100 Degree Temperature)
  • Added Native Screenshot Functionality (Press Home + Power at the same time)
  • Added Total Memory, Media Volume, Auto Brightness and Auto Rotation to Quick Settings
  • Changed WiFi Scan Interval To 180 seconds to further conserve battery
  • Added Tweak to persist home app in memory
  • Added mod to unlock Lock Screen with menu button
  • Added various battery tweaks
  • Speed up window animations
  • Added Google Talk with Video support
  • Added Rosie Settings support
  • Removed Sprint loaded bloatware apps available as optional installs in /sdcard/Warm-TwoPointThree-Optional/
  • Added Warm Fonts
  • Data coverage (3G/1X) Properly Reflected Instead Of Always Reporting 3G (Thanks SteelH)
  • Added Panorama/Scene/HDR To Camera
  • Removed Lockscreen Bubbles (Thanks JsChiSurf)
  • Added Music Widget Animation
  • Added Sip Calling Over 3G/4G/WIFI
  • Added Warm Wallpaper And Resized Them To EVO 3D Native Res And Set It As Default Wallpaper
  • Added Working Wireless Tether
  • Moved Swype.apk To /data/app For Easy Removal :)
  • Added Warm Themed Market (3.0.27)
  • Updated Google Maps/Nav to 5.8.0
  • Added Astro File Manager
  • Added Special Warm Apps Tab to Rosie Launcher
  • Added Percent Battery, Charge And Sync Titlebar Icon mod
  • Added CyanogenMOD Automatic Apps2SD (EXT4 support only on Stock HTC Kernel. Ziggy kernel should allow EXT2/3 off by default) (Thanks Treve)
  • Added EXT4 File I/O Performance Tweaks
  • Added Support For Additional ## Programming Codes (ex ##775#)
  • Enhanced GPS Lock Speed Fix (Thanks Team Synergy)
  • Added Transparency To Rosie Launcher
  • Upgraded to new base Shooter_S_Sprint_WWE_2.08.651.2 with latest kernel
  • Re-Added Sprint Mobile Wifi / USB Hotspot for 2.08 OTA update (Thanks Leoisright)
  • Re-Added CRT display off/on animations for 2.08 OTA Update (Thanks TMartin)
  • Re-Added Additional Reboot options (Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Restart, Reboot) (Hot Restart now working properly!) for 2.08 update (Thanks Virus)
  • Re-Added 3D Home Screen (Toggable in Settings | Display) for 2.08 update
  • Added 08/26/2011 HTC OTA App Updates
  • Added heavier weight Warm font to adapt to Sense 3.0
  • Removed HTC IQ
  • Re-Added Percent Battery, Charge And Sync Titlebar Icon mod for 2.08 update
  • Custom "Warm" signature added to emails
  • Re-Added SMS Backup/Restore to 2.08 update
  • Re-Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb) (2.08)
  • Added Secure block list to MMS
  • Added Screen Calibration to settings
  • Re-Added Unlimited Tabs To Browser (2.08)
  • Rosie launcher no longer paginates (Free scroll)
  • Enabled Beats Mode (Thanks Team Synergy)
  • Removed HTC Loggers
  • Removed APK Signature checks
  • Re-Added Music Widget Animation
  • Added HTC Flashlight
  • Re-Added Panorama/HDR To Camera (2.08)
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oh hot damn !!

this will be tough .. im a HUDE synergy fan but on my evo4g i bounced from myn,synergy,and Miks
i can not wait for this rom .... is it done yet :p ..... :android-smile:
myn said:
On another note...

Today I was diagnosed with Shingles :(

My back is aching so bad. They gave me a prescription for Vicodin and that doesn't seem to be working at all. :( 3 Advils seem to work better. Anyone ever had Shingles and got some advice?

PS. Off topic is completely fine here guys, At rootzwiki the Devs/OP run their own thread.
oh that sucks bad
im like a crack head i keep checking for this rom lol
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