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Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 11 23:26:34 KST 2011

Here we go again.
Found another leak for the SGS4G. This one has a build date of 08/11.

I'm sure this fixes some issues that were found in KH1.

Same steps, Extract then ODIN to flash.

I'm sure a Deodexed version will come soon.
Thanks to my partner in crime Chainfire


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Hot damn! I wonder if modem is getting biggest changes? That's what I have noticed with the previous leaks. I flash and test it out.

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quicklara said:
perdon po la pregunta pero como puedo poner el clockworkmod recobery en esta bercion gracias por la actualizacion
I think you need to translate into english, I'm sure it's a forum rule.

"Sorry to ask but how can I put CWM, thanks for the release"

The answer is:
You can ODIN drhonk kg4 kernel, that would give you voodoo lagfix (ext4) and cwm recovery

In spanish:
Usa ODIN y flashea el kernel de drhonk, el kg4 con voodoo lagfix que ademas trae clockworkmod recovery.
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