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This is a port made by Atoore and Mikeyman. Me RaverX3X and Scott are gonna try and iron out the bugs. Im posting this to show you guys that there is development for the Skyrocket. Also posting this to see if any other devs will like to help us anyway they can
Also if anybody know any devs that can help please tell them to PM me thanks!!

This is not a daily driver build. I have warned you. Don't install this if you're looking for stable build,most stuff don't work.

Comes with Da_G cm7 kernel. Thanks Da_G

What doesnt work:
-In-Call Audio
-Small Graphical Glitches
-If you find more please list

What works:
-Mostly everything I didnt list



Credit and Thanks to
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Stop spreading your vile messages Xavier!
:p:p oh brother:rolleyes:

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