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Huge Thanks To Robocik And Capychimp For The Base :)

The Goods:
Base: Mixed Runnymede WWE RUU 0.82.401.1 Android 2.3.5 And RUU 2.08.401.1 test-keys HTC Sensation S (Pyramid S) Sense 3.5 Android 2.3.5 And RUU Vigor VERIZON WWE 1.00.605.3 [For Livewallpaper :D]
Romanbb's Tweaks :D
White Overscroll Glow
HTC Beats [The Real Ones]

What Doesnt Work?
Cam Issues [Cam Works Just Has Issues...Switch To 3Mp Cam Then Back To 5mp To Take A Pic]
Random Reboots :( [When Installing Apps Only And At Random Times :(]
4G [For Now]

Resizing Issues:
Music App
Some Runnymede Widgets That Didn't Come On Sensation

What Works?
Everything Besides Whats Up There

Robocik For Runnymede :D
Sacs And Wes For Camera Fix :D
Football For His Leaks
Anonymous For Htc Sensation 3.5 Leak



Likes My Roms? Buy Me A Beer :)

<br />
V2 Public [Coming Soon]<br />
-Fixed Cam Some More<br />
-Optimized Some More<br />
-Resized HTC Stock Keyboard With Arrows<br />
-Resized Music App<br />
<br />
v1 Public [Current Version]<br />
-Fixed Battery Staying At 100%<br />
-Fixed HTC Hub<br />
-Fixed Camera Partially [Thanks Wes And Sacs]<br />
-Added Some Vigor Apps<br />
-Added Htc Keyboard With Arrows<br />
-Added Some Init.d Tweaks<br />
-Mx0ed Widgets And Fusion And Rosie For More Ram<br />
<br />
V1<br />
-Rebased On Runnymede And Sensation WWE Leaks<br />
-HTC Beats From Runnymede<br />
-Bluetooth Fixed<br />
-Front Facing Camera Fixed<br />
-Romanbb's Tweaks :D<br />
-Fixed 12 Hour Clock :D<br />
-Resized Everything Besides Keyboard/Music App<br />
-Rotation Animation From Runnymede :D<br />
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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