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The OFFICIAL home of the Sprint HTC EVO View 4g (Express) Port to the EVO 4G!!!

- Landscape Rosie
- Landscape Lockscreen
- View webpages like Tablet
- Auto-Rotate Animation

Special Thanks (if I missed you PM me please):

BUG LIST IN POST #3 (Please post bugs that are not in this list so I can update, or PM me)


This method will give you 180mb of free space.

1. Wipe, recommend Amon Ra 2.3, everything but SDCARD (yes wipe SDEXT)
2. Flash ROM
3. Reboot. To use keyboard you will need to activate them under Settings>Keyboards, then open a text app, long press select Input Method and select one. Exit app and keyboard will work from now on. (Sorry about this issue)
4. Enjoy, ask a question, report a bug, say thanks :)

Download Links:

v1.4 - 309.1 MB

v1.36 - 313.9 MB - 306.5 MB

v1.3 Fixes: - 157 KB - 4.0 MB
OR Both - 4.0 MB

v1.2 there are issues with phone.apk not loading. Must push from, recommend waiting, not DD worthy yet LINK-2.3.4 .

v1.1 LINK

18 Posts
Change Logs:

-4G working :D
-Phone app a little more functional (can answer incoming calls now) but its still buggy, it will fc after connecting call but call with still go on, acknowledge FC to end call.

-fixed lockscreen shortcut selection
-added v1.3 fixes

-Updated to Android 2.3.4 (faster rosie and lockscreen)
-Added MMS 5mb limit
-Fixed hidden Phone app
-Resized Dialer in Phone app
-Supports Chop Suey Kernel (recommended) - thanks Barnacles10
-Added HDMI mirror w/ no app req'd (via Chop Suey kernel) -thanks apheonixboy
-WiFi intervals changed to 90 (better battery)
-Fixed Pop-up and FC while trying to search Market
-3G, GPS, WiFi, BT all working
-Resized a few widgets
-Camera working (picture taking button not aligned)

-Video Camera has a nasty preview
-possible bug with library files, PLEASE report if you see a popup talking about Geolocation and Malicious activity...totally not supposed to be there, no danger though.
-Update Post #3 to start a Bug Tracker
-more I'm sure (please read post #3 and from page 31 on to avoid the same duplicate bug reports :) )

-SD Card working
-SuperUser working

-initial release
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