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This is for those who would like to run the leaked 2.3.4 but dont want to run it stock...

The first X2 ROM based on 2.3.4 (leaked)
Blur is Maintained except for the gallery and music app. I find the AOSP ones superior.
Keep checking as this is a community ROM under active development.

Whats included...

Notification Toggles Major Thanks to dragonzkiller for all his help!
Zip Aligned
storage flip/flop by navenedrob
speedy v4 script by 0vermind
Transparent Lockscreen
Gallery replaced with AOSP 3d Gallery
Music replaced with AOSP Music beta
Updated Google Apps
Added Google Voice
Status/Notification Icon Themed
ADW Launcher Pre-installed
Voice Dialer from Atrix port
Moto Phone Portal from Atrix port

Whats New

Major cleanup (v.6)
Minor performance tweaks (v.6)
Fix for some people having market issues before upgrade (v.6)
New Status/Notification Icon Theme (added v.5)
Voice Dialer from Atrix port (added v.5)
Moto Phone Portal from Atrix port (added v.5)

Coming Soon (Could be hours,could be days)

Reboot Option in Menu
Speed Optimizations
More Theme Elements


Standard Disclaimer... I take no responsibility for your phone!

In the future I intend to maintain both patches and full resleases.
For now releases may be applied on top of previous releases unless specifically noted.

Coming from pre-2.3.4
1)Apply leaked 2.3.4 sbf in RSD mode
2)Activate, and Root
3)Install system recovery bootstrap
Already on 2.3.4
4)Do a backup from system recovery (This is your way back!)
5)Boot into system recovery and choose this zip from sdcard
6)Optionally Choose a Theme zip and flash it as well
8)Boot phone, add google account, it will ask you to choose to complete.
9)Choose ADW Launcher, and select make this default.



MotoGingerFunk v.6 mirror

Themes (will work with v.3 +)

Themes listed below will play nice and clean up after each other so you can switch freely among them without having to flash back default. If ya would like to submit a theme feel free and ill make it play nice and list it here.

UPS v1 rapidshare mirror
Theme by urphonesux based on work by appl3mac. Themed icons, pulldown toggles...
This is the default theme in v.5

Blues v1 rapidshare mirror
An upgrade of my blues theme for the atrix 2.3.4 port. Lots of blue. Notification Toggles. Themed Icons.

Stock 2.3.4 rapidshare mirror
Stock 2.3.4 from moto + notification toggles


If you prefer MotoGallery + Music heres a zip to put them back de-odexed...
Motorola Gallery + Music

No known issues @ this time v.6<br />
v.4,v.5 known market bug for some users (clear market data or upgrade to v.6)

Restore a backup taken pre-2.3.4
To restore a pre-2.3.4 backup you must first sbf to the official release your backup was based on.


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