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Ok this is based off of ota gingerbread leak with fixs that xboarder56 built to improve it to make faster and more stable.

  • SuperUser updated
  • Wifi Calling uninstall option
  • bloat removed
  • Music Beta
  • Most Gapps installed to data for uninstalling easy
  • deodexed
  • zipaligned
  • Gps Aosp config
  • Dalvick cache rasied
  • Status Bar fix (more aosp like)
  • Custom boot/shutdown animations
  • Hosts edit to block ads
  • Music installed to data to remove if you want honeycomb music player
  • Updated superuser fix
  • More that i forgot....
- phone
- bluetooth
- sd card
- Gps
- sensors
- wifi
- etc

Not Working
- Please Report
To Install
1. Boot into recovery (Hold Volume Down and press power)
3. Install Zip from SD Card, and select
4. Boot into rom and reboot to finsh (Reboot after your on your main screen)
5. Enjoy
- This rom will see very few if anyupdates becuase its basicly complete and ready to use so enjoy :D
Smiley Battery Icons

Smooth Normal Battery Mod

Cyan Cicular Battery Mod

Cicular Battery Mod

Normal Built into Rom


Add-ons -

v1.2.2 -

v1.2.1 -

v1.2.0 -

v1.1.0 -

v1.0.0 -

More Battery Mods here:

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Android Developer
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Version 1.2.2
- MMS fix :D for some
Version: 1.2.1
- Gps update
- search button fix
- Screen off/ crt tv animation like in cm7
- Fixed launcher lag
- ...
Version: 1.2.0
- fixed wifi calling
- update gapps
- cleaned up little more
- new market :D
- Cm7 mms with more options :D
- Updated Ad-Blocking july 23 hosts
- Smoother
- Faster :D
- New Email with more settings
- More Apns in rom
- Fixed live wallpaper issue for some
- Fixed Status Bar issues
- ...
Version 1.1.0
- Updated Rom base
- Update Libs
- Update Gapps
- Black Google Bar
- Fixed Battery Problem
Version 1.0.0
- intial release

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Hey X,

I just switched over to your rom after trying several ones and so far am loving this, so thanks for the great build. I do have one question for you tho... I am having problems sending mms with the rom and I dont know how to fix that. Any suggestions?

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