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[ROM] Xperiance AOKP - R3 - Oh yeah. That's right. (10/26/12)

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Xperiance AOKP: Sexiest Rom Alive

Originally, I created a Sony Xperia / CyanogenMod 9 Hybrid which is still available in this thread. Now we have all the same goodies running on R4ins build of AOKP. I will no longer be providing updates based on CyanogenMod 9. All new updates will be based on AOKP-Jellybean until further notice.

Everything in this Rom is based off of someone else's work, so I would like to first say thanks to the XDA community for your contributions.

Please be sure to thank my #1 Buttling and Rom Tester illnevertell when you get the chance


Jellybean has "Project Butter" and Seanzscreams has "Project Margarine". Whats better than both butter and margarine? LARD!

1. Wipe System, Cache, Dalvik Cache and factory reset (or wipe data depending on recovery)
2. Install rom
3. Install Google apps
4. Reboot

1. Flash ROM
2. Flash GAPPS
3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache.
4. Reboot
Xperiance AOKP - Downloads


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Got bored with TW leaks, and what better way to turn my Skyrocket into a media player/part-time phone than with the Xperia launcher?
Yeah. I just took the leak off my phone too. Tired of the crappy battery life.

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Majick, I love this ROM. Not sure how I managed to miss it for this long. And no, nmd, I didn't throw Apex or Nova on tip of it. Using the Xperia launcher.

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Tj there is an updated xperia launcher on xda with more settings and I enjoy it well

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I'll take a look. Sounds interesting, much as I'm loving this version.

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So, yeah, the new Xperia launcher app bootlooped me. Eveh after a restore, I can't get the Xperia weather widget working again. It doesn't recognize any locations, though I eventually got out to find New York City--which does me all Kim's of god in Colorado lol--and even when it did register a location, it said there was no network connection.

Gonna try a few things, but yeah, the updated launcher screwed me up.

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The launcher included in the rom uses more apks than the new one.

Best bet is to delete them in the zip file and add the new launcher there. I'm away from home right now, but after I get back Im gonna do some new updates. Playing with some stuff while I'm on vacation too.

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