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Root and ROM kit

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{This is just a list I had saved for myself that outlines the steps from a stock Incredible to a good Incredible. I'm sharing just in case someone else finds it useful. The "ROM kit" section lists the files I have saved to put on the phone's SD card, preferably not in a folder.}

accessories from amazon- bumper and screen protector, extended battery
1) charge to 100%

2) root with Unrevoked
3) update everything from the market
4) Titanium backup everything
5) use an sms backup app to save to gmail
6) install rom manager and clockwork mod

7) download rom (cyanogenmod or miui) to sd card
8) download incredikernel to sd card (with voltage tweaks and fast charge zips)
9) download v6 supercharger script to sd card
10) download 98kickasskernel tweaks script to sd card
11) download 3gbooster script to sd card

12) boot into recovery
13) nandroid backup
14) factory reset device and wipe cache and dalvik cache
15) install cyanogenmod or miui zip
16) boot into ROM

17) boot into recovery and wipe cache and dalvik cache
18) install incredikernel
19) boot into ROM and install v6supercharger, 98kickasskernel, and 3gbooster scripts
20) boot into recovery, install voltage tweaks, and fast charge zips

21) boot into ROM and charge
22) reinstall apps and data from titanium
23) install ROM Toolbox to fix boot image, block ads, fix permissions, and wipe battery stats

ROM kit:
a) titanium backup pro
b) ROM toolbox pro

c) ROM
d) incredikernel
e) voltage tweaks
f) fast charge

g) v6supercharger
h) 98kickasskernel
i) 3gbooster

a,b) email/
c) respective websites

5) market

i) install script manager from the market

ii) go into settings and select "browse as root"

iii) create the folder system/etc/init.d

iv) run v6supercharger, 3gbooster, and 98kickasskernel with "run as root" selected

v) in the init.d folder, open and 98kickasskernel and select "run as root" and "run at boot" and save
23) fully charge phone, then wipe battery stats, unplug phone, let die, fully charge
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